Miley Cyrus

23 November 1992, Nashville, USA
22 years

Thomas Sturges, Nicholas Jonas, Lucas Til, Justin Gaston, Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer who has the lead part in TV-show Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. She is the daughter of Country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus and has five siblings, three of which are half-siblings. She loves chinese food, High School Musical and her three dogs. Miley Cyrus is best friends with her back-up dancer Mandy Jiroux and together they have a Youtube channel where they upload new videos from time to time (The Miley and Mandy Show). She has also starred in the movie The Last Song

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Prom Inspiration: Hollywood Style!

Saturday 9:07 PM, 28/04/2012
Heidi Klum is stunning. Selena Gomez with our dream prom date: Justin Bieber! Jessica Alba in a classic prom dress. Dare to wear colors, like Vanessa Hudgens! Looking for a shorter dress? Whitney Port's dress is perfect for prom. The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence stands out from the crowd in metallic. Get a great tan and wear a peach dress like Miley Cyrus. Kate Mara looks cute and innocent in her soft pink dress. Try a shorter dress like Olivia Palermo!
Prom might be the biggest night of your life, and it's the perfect night to look absolutely gorgeous. We've spotted ten celebrities like Blake Lively and Olivia Palermo wearing stunning gowns that would make them prom queen any day. Click on the pics for some great inspiration and get ready for your memorable night EVER!
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Miley Cyrus' Hot Oufit!

Saturday 2:59 AM, 28/04/2012
Great look, Miley!
Miley Cyrus was spotted when she left her Pilates class. We love her outfit, that shimmery cardigan is so cute on her!
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Sweet Shades: Celebs In Crazy Sunglasses!

Wednesday 6:12 PM, 25/04/2012
Being mainstream is so last year according to many celebrities. We've spotted four A-listers, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus in cool and quirky sunglasses. We love this fun trend- it really turns heads!
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Cha-Ching! Which Teen Celebs Make The Most Moolah?!

Tuesday 9:13 PM, 24/04/2012
2. Miley Cyrus is close behind with her 48 million dollars. 3. Nick Jonas made 12,5 million dollars. 4. At forth place we have our favorite Twilight actor Taylor Lautner with his 8,5 million dollars. 5. Angus T. Jones makes a lot of money by playing Jake in Two and Half Men, last year he earned 7,8 million dollars. 6. Selena Gomez makes about a tenth of what her BF, Justin Bieber, earns. She gets 5,5 million dollars. 7. 14 year old Jaden Smith made 5 million dollars last year. 8. Will Smith's youngest daughter, Willow Smith, made almost as much as her older brother: 4 million dollars. 9. Dakota Fanning recieved 4 million dollars from her role in The Twilight movies last year. 10. Dakota's younger sister Elle got 1,5 million dollars last year from her amazing role in Super 8.
Some of our favorite teenage stars in Hollywood make so much money that they can't possibly spend it all! Justin Bieber of course was the highest e...READ MORE ▶
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Miley Cyrus' Cool Jacket!

Sunday 9:29 AM, 22/04/2012
We spotted Miley Cyrus when she was leaving Pilates. We love her jacket, the leather sleeves adds a cool touch to the jacket.
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Miley Cyrus Looks Too Skinny! What's Up Miley?!

Friday 9:12 AM, 20/04/2012
We spotted Miley Cyrus leaving her Pilates class the other day and we have to admit- she looks really skinny. Her clothes are really baggy and Miley rarely wears baggy clothes. We hope she isn't losing weight- she's gorgeous the way she is.
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