Miley Cyrus

23 November 1992, Nashville, USA
22 years

Thomas Sturges, Nicholas Jonas, Lucas Til, Justin Gaston, Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer who has the lead part in TV-show Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. She is the daughter of Country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus and has five siblings, three of which are half-siblings. She loves chinese food, High School Musical and her three dogs. Miley Cyrus is best friends with her back-up dancer Mandy Jiroux and together they have a Youtube channel where they upload new videos from time to time (The Miley and Mandy Show). She has also starred in the movie The Last Song

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Does Miley Cyrus Do Anything Else But Train?

Monday 8:57 AM, 09/04/2012
Miley Cyrus was spotted when she was leaving her pilates class in West Hollywood. Nowadays we only see her outside her pilates class, does she do anything else but train?
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Miley Cyrus Still Wears The Ring On Her Wedding Finger!

Thursday 2:58 PM, 29/03/2012
Miley Cyrus should wear the ring on her right hand.
We spotted Miley Cyrus when she was leaving Winsor Pilates on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. She's still wears that diamond ring on her wedding finger. But she says that she and Liam is not engaged. We think she should place the ring on the other hand!
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They Love You! 10 Celebrities Waving To Their Fans!

Thursday 12:03 PM, 29/03/2012
Penelope Cruz is waving to someone lucky. Stunning Jennifer Lopez looks a little flirty. Meryl Streep. Lindsay Lohan is smiles and waves to the paparazzis. Amy Childs. The fans love her! Katy Perry. Miley Cyrus walking with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Angelina Jolie says hello with both her hand and her leg. Hey Lady Gaga, we love you!
We love celebrities that really care! We've listed ten celebs like Rihanna and Lady Gaga that always take time to wave to their fans, on the red carpet and in their everyday life. So click on the pics and say hello to your favorite celeb!
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Miley Cyrus "I'm Not Engaged!"

Tuesday 9:11 AM, 27/03/2012
We've spotted Miley Cyrus wearing a big ol' diamond ring the past few days and there have been rumors going on that she is engaged to long-time bea...READ MORE ▶
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Is Miley Cyrus Engaged?

Monday 8:40 AM, 26/03/2012
What a rock! Seriously, that is a huge diamond! Check out that bling!
OMG! Miley Cyrus was sporting a seriously big rock on Twitter the other day! The singer has been dating "The Hunger Games" star, Liam Hemsworth sin...READ MORE ▶
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Liam Hemsworth Is Concerned About Miley's Hard Partying!

Saturday 3:20 PM, 24/03/2012
Liam is concerned about Miley's partying habits! Do you thin she’s been having a bit TOO much fun?
Liam Hemsworth is concerned about his girlfriend Miley Cyrus' partying habits, and he is afraid that her behavior is making them both look bad. Al...READ MORE ▶
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