Mila Kunis

14 August 1983, Kiev, Ukraine
31 years

Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson, Macaulay Culkin
Mila Kunis is originally from the Ukraine but moved to Los Angeles when she was 7. She learned to speak English by watching "The New Price is Right". Has played Jackie on the TV-show "That 70's Show". In 2010 she starred in the movies "Black Swan " with Nathalie Portman and "Friends with benefits" with Justin Timberlake Mila has one green eye and one blue. Loves the movie Dirty Dancing.
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OMG! Mila Kunis TERRORIZED By Stalker!

Tuesday 9:10 AM, 08/05/2012
Keep friends and family close by!
This is so scary guys! For the past few months Mila Kunis has been stalked by a creepy guy named Stuart Dunn. Back in January Stuart was arrested f...READ MORE ▶
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Mila Kunis Has Been Crowned As The World's Sexiest Woman!

Saturday 10:01 AM, 05/05/2012
The world's sexiest woman! Agree?
Mila Kunis has been crowned the world's sexiest woman! The Sun ran a poll about the sexiest woman in the world and asked their readers to vote. In ...READ MORE ▶
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Mila Kunis' Outfit For A Girls Night Out!

Saturday 12:07 PM, 28/04/2012
Mila Kunis has a great sense of style she's always spotted in stylish outfits. We've seen Mila in a cool pair of metallic shorts, a nude blouse and a black blazer- so cute! Simply the perfect outfit for going out with your girlfriends this weekend!
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Get That Celeb Body: How They Keep in Shape

Friday 9:16 PM, 27/04/2012
Madonna love yoga and she does ashtanga yoga everyday. Reese Witherspoon jogs regularly in Hollywood Hills. Last year she was harmed while jogging when a car hit her, be careful! Kelly Osbourne eats whatever she wants and compensates for it by spending a lot of time at the gym. Kate Winslet says that she doesn't have the time to go to the gym so she does her pilates at home with a DVD. "20 minutes or more everyday," she says. Emma Stone loves climbing and she spends hours and hours at a pilates center in West Hollywood. Vanessa Hudgens exercises with different types of yoga and says that she sometimes goes to yoga classes with kickboxing. Diane Kruger keeps in shape by biking with her BF Joshua Jackson. She even sold her car because she loves biking so much! To get in shape for her role in the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman," Kristen Stewart only eat a specific diet that came in different sized boxes for several months. Mila Kunis prefers to exercise outside, she loves to water-ski, snowboard, and go hiking.
It's almost time for summer and we're not the only ones who have bought gym memberships to help stay in shape. Do you wanna know how to get a legs ...READ MORE ▶
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Mila Kunis Spotted With Someone Who's NOT Ashton!

Friday 2:11 AM, 27/04/2012
Just after spending a romantic weekend together, Mila Kunis, was spotted hanging out with another guy and he definitely wasn't Ashton Kutcher. Hm, maybe the romance is already over.
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Mila Kunis Won't Admit She's Dating Ashton Kutcher!

Thursday 5:07 PM, 26/04/2012
They've been friends for long, and now they might be more than friends! Is he thinking about Mila...?
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are reportedly dating. The two spent the past weekend together in Santa Barbara. They went out for dinner, did some s...READ MORE ▶
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