Mila Kunis

14 August 1983, Kiev, Ukraine
31 years

Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson, Macaulay Culkin
Mila Kunis is originally from the Ukraine but moved to Los Angeles when she was 7. She learned to speak English by watching "The New Price is Right". Has played Jackie on the TV-show "That 70's Show". In 2010 she starred in the movies "Black Swan " with Nathalie Portman and "Friends with benefits" with Justin Timberlake Mila has one green eye and one blue. Loves the movie Dirty Dancing.
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Baby Bump Alert! Are Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Expecting?

Monday 8:04 AM, 29/10/2012
Mila Kunis has been covering her super fit body in baggy clothes lately, but it's not until now we realize why she might have done it... Just the o...READ MORE ▶
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Mila Kunis Got Fired From Dior: "She's Too Sloppy and Fat!"

Saturday 3:05 PM, 20/10/2012
Dior thinks that Mila is "too sloppy" for them!
How idiotic is this? Sources claims that Mila Kunis, who recently was titled as the world's sexiest woman, has got fired from Chrisitan Dior and th...READ MORE ▶
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Demi Moore Heartbroken Because Of Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher!

Wednesday 3:48 PM, 17/10/2012
Ashton and Mila are getting serious.... She's still heartbroken!
Multiple sources are telling the same thing: Demi Moore hasn't recovered from her split from Ashton Kutcher yet. Not at all. The actress is still r...READ MORE ▶
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Mila and Ashton Making Their First Public Appearance Together!

Saturday 7:12 PM, 13/10/2012
We think Mila and Ashton are a way better couple than Ashton and Demi.
And it's about time! Tuns of paparazzi photos have been taken of the couple sneaking around in New York lately, which is totally unnecessary. They don't have to sneak around! We mean, everyone knows Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been dating for a while but neither of the actors rep will confirm it. Well, we think it's pretty official now since the couple was seen and photographed at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey the other night for the Jets game. Ashton even fed Mila in public with some of his ice cream. Naw! How more super-cute-because-we-are-so-freakin-in-love can it get? (celebitchy)
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It's Official: Mila Kunis Is The Sexiest Woman Alive!

Sunday 4:26 PM, 07/10/2012
Mila Kunis is officially the sexiest woman alive!  Do you agree?
Mila Kunis is officially the sexiest woman alive! As per Esquire Magazine, she is the number one in the world right now and she covers the magazin...READ MORE ▶
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Engagement Approaches Between Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis?

Saturday 10:10 AM, 06/10/2012
Do it, man!
Is Ahston Kutcher preparing to propose? I really looks like Ashton's relationship with Mila Kunis is moving quickly! Even though he's not technica...READ MORE ▶
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