Mickey Rourke

16 September 1956, New York, USA
58 years

Debra Feuer, Carré Otis
Mickey Rourke is an American actor and professional boxer. As a boxer he went by the name El Marielito. Was arresten in 1994 for assault. Kim Basinger once called him "The Human Ashtray".

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Mickey Rourke in New Fight Despite His Age!

Thursday 5:23 PM, 27/11/2014
He is 62 years old but that doesn't stop Mickey Rourke from making a comeback in the boxing ring. His opponent is 29-year-old Elliot Seymor,...READ MORE ▶
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Celebrity @ Home Beauty Secrets!

Tuesday 2:22 AM, 01/11/2011
Katy Perry always keeps a banana close to get that glowy skin! Jennifer Garner always stocks up on fresh fruits and veggies! No wonder she has amazing skin! English actress, Sheree Murphy, loves that creamy avocado mask! Maybe someone should of told Mickey Rourke that apple helps to battle aging skin? Instead he turned to plastic surgery... blegh! Actress, Jasmine Waltz, knows that bananas are great for the skin!
Every winter we spend too much money on expensive skincare to get beautiful, glowy skin and we've finally had enough! So instead of wasting more mo...READ MORE ▶
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The Worst Dinner Ever!

Wednesday 5:08 PM, 29/06/2011
George Bush Mickey Rourke Arnold Schwarzenegger Donald Trump Hulk Hogan
We all have our celeb crushes (Alexander Skarsgard, Gerard Butler, Daniel Craig) but what about celeb anti-crushes? The other night we were talking about how under no circumstances would we ever want to hang out with Dr. Phil! UGH!

But if we were FORCED to have dinner with one of our anti-crushes, we're not sure who we'd choose. No one wanted to go on a candlelit dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hulk Hogan, but if you had to choose, who would you go to dinner with? Vote and let us know!


If FORCED Who Would You Have A Candlelit Dinner With?

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Chace Crawford - Hot even on his Mug Shot!

Monday 10:18 AM, 07/06/2010
Mel Gibson Mickey Rourke Chris Klein Heather Locklear Robert Downey Jr. Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Mischa Barton Snoop Dogg Hugh Grant
As most people know by now, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was arrested this past weekend for possession of marijuana. We guess underneath that angel face is a bit of a bad boy, we always thought so! We have just found Chace's mug shot from the arrest in New York on Friday night and we have to say, he is still hot, even when he is obviously angry, embarrassed and wearing one of those horrible orange prison jumpsuits! We also found some other famous celebrity mug shots for you to enjoy, who can forget when Hugh Grant, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan made headlines for their scandals?! Take a look!
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What Was Mickey Rourke Doing In Russian Prison?!

Tuesday 11:04 PM, 04/05/2010
Scary Mickey! What a tough guy!
Mickey Rourke went on David Letterman's Late Show last night to talk about his latest movie, Iron Man 2 where he plays Russian Ivan Vanko. Mickey told David about how he prepared for his role as Vanko - he ended up in a Russian prison playing ping pong with the guards! Only Mickey Rourke! Hear the funny story below!
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Iron Man 2 Here At Last!

Tuesday 4:09 PM, 27/04/2010
Leslie Bibb & Sam Rockwell Scarlett Johansson Dana Cook Adrien Brody Shar Jackson Michelle Monaghan Gwyneth Paltrow Jon Favreau Justin Theroux Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin Michelle Monaghan Don Cheadle & Family Samuel L. Jackson Scarlett Johansson Mickey Rourke and Anastassija Makarenko Scarlett Johansson Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. Mickey Rourke and Anastassija Makarenko Gwyneth Paltrow
After a lot of talk and excitement, the time has finally come! The second Iron Man movie premiered last night in Hollywood and all the movie's big star names were right there on the red carpet! Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke and yes Samuel L. Jackson too, were all looking amazing! We think the rumours about Gwynnie and Scarlett not getting along maybe be true too, as the ladies never posed for any pics together! Take a look.

The movie trailer:
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