Michael Lohan

25 April 1960, New York, USA
54 years

Dina Lohan
Michael Lohan is Lindsay Lohans father. He bloged for OK! magazine about her daughter and her friends in 2008. Besides Lindsay he has three other children Michael Junior, Alina and Dakota. He married Dina Lohan 1985 but the couple is now divorced. Michael Lohan has been in trouble with the law and he has been in jail several times
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Michael Lohan Attacked Girlfriend Kate Major!

Wednesday 9:02 AM, 23/03/2011
As you may have heard already, Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father was arrested yesterday on a charge of domestic violence. A woman made a call to the ...READ MORE ▶
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Michael Lohan, a fire fighter?!

Sunday 4:04 PM, 16/01/2011
Does a true hero really need to brag about his achievement to the press? Sharing a celebratory kiss with his girlfriend!
Who knew he had the heroic gene in him? Lindsay Lohan's morally questionable father Michael Lohan reportedly single handedly extinguished a fire in...READ MORE ▶
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Lilo Home For Thanksgiving!

Thursday 4:13 PM, 25/11/2010
Momma and Ali Lohan Michael Lohan will be at dinner!
This girl really does get just about everything she wants! Even though Lindsay Lohan is in a court-appointed rehab centre instead of serving a jail sentence, she has been getting special "free time" lately. Lindsay has been seen out shopping, going to the movies and has even been given her driver's license back.

At the beginning of the week, her rehab centre, The Betty Ford Clinic, announced that Lindsay would not be allowed to go and be with her family over the Thanksgiving holidays, but it looks like she used some of that famous Lilo charm! She is with her family in Los Angeles for the holiday and get this - her mom and dad have promised to stop fighting for one day and the whole family will be getting together to have a traditional dinner! We can't wait to hear how that goes! (Source: Wenn)
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Lilo's In Rehab - Mom Dina Wants Conservatorship!

Wednesday 8:46 AM, 29/09/2010
Maybe someone should be in charge of Lindsay - but not those parents!
Now that Lindsay Lohan is safely in a rehab centre in California until she has to be in court again on October 22, her parents are back to the trashy public fighting ways! Lindsay's father Michael Lohan went to Radar Online yesterday to announce that Lindsay's mom Dina Lohan is trying to get a Britney Spears' style conservatorship over Lindsay's life.

As most of you know, Britney's finances and her whole life basically, has been under her father's care for the last 2 years after her big meltdown and now Michael Lohan says Dina wants to do the same for Lilo. It sounds like Michael is upset that he won't get to be in charge of Lindsay's finances, as he keeps saying that he just wants the best for Lindsay and won't try and control her career. We feel sorry for Lindsay with parents like these, no wonder she is so messed up! (watch the video interview with Michael here)
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Lindsay Lohan Going Back To Rehab!

Monday 8:47 AM, 27/09/2010
Her latest mugshot Lets hope this is the last of the bad news on this girl - we doubt it though!
What a big wake up call weekend for Lindsay Lohan! Firstly on Friday she was sent immediately to jail by the Judge Fox without bail and without the judge even wanting to hear Lindsay's excuses for failing her court appointed drug tests the week before. Lindsay only spent 13 hrs locked up though, as her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley appealed the judge's decision the next morning and Lindsay was let out on bail and fitted with another SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet and ordered to stay out of trouble until her next court hearing on 22 October.

Lindsay has now announced that she is even more serious than ever before about changing her bad ways and has said she will re-enter into rehab and work even harder on her recovery. Lindsay is expected to stay in rehab until she must appear before the court again in October. This will be Lindsay's 5th time in rehab and it was her 4th time in jail since 2007 when she was first arrested for her DUI. Will this finally teach her a lesson? Only time will tell! (Source: People)
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Lilo's Father Goes For Control!

Monday 8:45 AM, 03/05/2010
Who is he kidding? We all know Lilo needs help...but this?
What will Lindsay Lohan's horrible father do next to get a bit of his daughter's fortune! Michael Lohan has been going around the whole weekend telling anybody that he sees, that he has started the legal process to try to get control over Lindsay and her money obviously, just like Britney Spears' dad did when she spun out of control! We all know that Lindsay needds some kind of help to fix her crazy partying ways, but no one really believes that Michael Lohan is really the man to help her do they?! (Source: TMZ )
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