Michael Lohan

25 April 1960, New York, USA
54 years

Dina Lohan
Michael Lohan is Lindsay Lohans father. He bloged for OK! magazine about her daughter and her friends in 2008. Besides Lindsay he has three other children Michael Junior, Alina and Dakota. He married Dina Lohan 1985 but the couple is now divorced. Michael Lohan has been in trouble with the law and he has been in jail several times
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Reports: Michael Lohan's Jailed Girlfriend Is Pregnant!

Sunday 5:02 PM, 15/06/2014
Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, is going to be a dad again. His girlfriend Kate Major, who is in prison after violating her probation...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan's Dad Believes She'll Be Dead Within A Year!

Wednesday 8:21 AM, 27/03/2013
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan is starting to get desperate to have someone helping his daughter - or else he fears she will end up d...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan's Entire Team Behind Big Intervention!

Monday 8:02 AM, 22/10/2012
Hope she'll do better soon...
This Friday Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan and Lilo's entire manager team and her lawyers orchestrated an emergency intervention to make her ...READ MORE ▶
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Michael Lohan About Lindsay's Playboy Shoot: "A Good Move"

Sunday 11:00 AM, 25/12/2011
We actually feel bad for Lindsay, her family is a mess! Do you think this was "a good move"?
Lindsay Lohan has got a lot of critic for her Playboy shoot. But not from her father! Michael Lohan recently said he's happy his daughter stripped down for Playboy. We're not sure if all fathers would have agreed but Michael said, “If she’s happy with it, I’m happy with it,”. Michael spoke up about Lilo's controversial shoot on an episode of Dr. Drew Pinsky's show, Lifechangers, where he also saw the pictures for the first time.

“It’s a move in a direction where she’s working… so as far as I’m concerned it’s a good move.”

First of all, in what direction is Lindsay's career going? Seems to us like she's been stuck in the same place for a while now. Secondly, when will Michael Lohan stop talking about his daughter in public all the time. Can't he understand he just making things worse and that his 15 minutes of fame are long gone? (radar)
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Lindsay Lohan's Purse Stolen!

Monday 2:46 PM, 12/12/2011
Lindsay's bad luck just continues... Lindsay really freaked out!
Lindsay Lohan just went on a trip to Hawaii, to relax and (according to her) not drink. But went she got there, looking forward to take it easy and...READ MORE ▶
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Celeb Parent Shockers! And You Thought Your Parent's Were Crazy!

Wednesday 6:09 PM, 03/08/2011
Trust is the key in any relationship. And what did Lynne Spears do? She wrote a book where she reveals all of her daughter, Britney Spears´, secrets! Not ok Lynne, not ok! Leighton Meester was born in a prison and if that wasn't enough, she just sued her own mother! Why? Because her mother used the money that Leighton sent for her brother, Lex's, medical care for botox, hair extensions, and plastic surgery!
Heather Locklear was arrested in 2008 for driving under the influence of drugs and earlier the same year she checked herself into rehab for problems with anxiety and depression after she tried to commit suicide. Her daughter, Ava, was only 9 years old when this happened! In a voice mail Alec Baldwin left to his 11-year old daughter, Ireland, he called her “A rude, thoughtless little pig.”, and continued with “You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being,”. And the reason for his anger? Ireland didn't answer his phone call! Frances Bean Cobain's father, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide when she was only 2 years old and was left in the care of her crazy mother, Courtney Love. At the time Courtney struggled with drug addiction and legal issues! Poor Frances Bean!
If you thought your parent's were bad and embarrassing, just think about what stars like Leighton Meester and Britney Spears have had to go through with their parents! These star parents let "fame" go to their head and tried to steal the spotlight by exploiting their famous kids!

So the next time your angry at your parent's ask yourself: have your parents ever written a book about you where they tell the entire world about when you lost your virginity or took drugs? Or have they stolen money from you for hair extensions? No? Well then consider yourself lucky and go give your parents a hug!

Check out these craziest celeb parents in Hollywood!
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