Michael Jackson

29 August 1958, Gary, Indiana, USA
55 years

King Of Pop, MJ, The Gloved One, Wacko Jacko, Jacko
Lisa Marie Presley, Brooke Shields, Deborah "Debbie" Rowe
Michael Jackson, died 25 June 2009 in Los Angeles, was a legendary singer, performance artist and songwriter. He started his career as a child in The Jackson Five together with his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon. Michael Jackson 9 brothers and sisters in total. Two of his sisters Janet Jackson and La Toya Jackson are both famous artists in their own right.

Michael Jackson's album Thriller (1982) has sold more than 100 million copies and is the world's best-selling record of all time. The King of Pop has also had 13 number one singles in his solo career. The cost for producing his video "Scream" was over 7 million dollars, a world record so far and the music video "Ghosts" is 35 minutes long, also a record. Jackson was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame twice, once as a solo artist and once with The Jackson Five.

Jackson was married to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley (1994-1996) and to Deborah "Debbie" Rowe (1996-1999) with whom he has children Prince Michael and
Paris Katherine. Michael Jackson also has a second son, Prince Michael II, who is called
Blanket. It's not known who the mother is, but MJ claimed that he was the biological father of all his children. Actor Macaulay Culkin is the godfather to the two eldest children.

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Black or White?!

Saturday 8:04 PM, 27/06/2009
Black or White?!
But we're not talking about Michael Jackson's hit song this time! Blake Lively and Evan Rachel Wood showed up at the Swarovski Crystalized Concept Store Opening in New York the other night wearing what one could call "opposite" outfits! Blake wore a gorgeous white backless dress and studded sandals and Evan, as usual, opted for a darker hue wearing a black and purple checkered pant suit. So who won? Black or White?!


Who won the battle of the fashonistas this time?!

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Michael Jackson Gets in the Way of Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno!

Saturday 5:27 PM, 27/06/2009
Michael Jackson Gets in the Way of Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno!
After news of Michael Jackson's passing reached his fans his Walk of Fame star in Hollywood was showered in gifts, flowers and candles. Unfortunately the gifts couldn't stay as Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie Bruno premiered last night and the red carpet had to be rolled out over Jackson's star. Bruno didn't seem to mind and as usual he gave the crowds a real show in a completely insane outfit, just like he did in England!

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Lilo Pays Her Own Jackson Tribute!

Friday 9:36 PM, 26/06/2009
Lilo Pays Her Own Jackson Tribute!
Together again! Sharing a giggle
We spotted Lindsay Lohana and Samantha Ronson on their way out to dinner at Jones Bar in Hollywood last night. For a change, we are not going to say anything about these two and their on and off relationship and how they really need to decide what is what! We are just going to say we love Lindsay's Michael Jackson-inspired coat and think its great that she is honouring him in her own special way. You have to love Lindsay's love of fashion!
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Top List: Your Favourite Michael Jackson Song:

Friday 4:06 PM, 26/06/2009
Michael Jackson had one smash hit after another, but these 10 songs stood out for us as his most iconic. We have put together a video gallery to honour his amazing talent. let us know which of these is your favourite!


What is your favourite song?

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Michael Jackson's Most Iconic Fashion Choices

Friday 3:51 PM, 26/06/2009
Michael became synonomous with aviator style sunglasses Fans loved to copy Michaels sharp Gangsta tailored look from the "Smooth Criminal" video Military-inspired jackets became Michael's signature look In 1988 Michael's sexy second-skin outfits covered in leather straps and metal buckles brought this kind of clothing from underground to mainstream All strapped in and shiny Those white socks and cut-off leather pants with black leather loafers are one of his most iconic looks Setting off a massive trend, Jackson wore just one bedazzled glove to the 1984 Grammys and fashionistas everywhere followed the trend During his court battle Michael went through a phase of wearing pure white. In the last few months of his life Michael sported many designer jackets from female luxury brands like Balmain and Givenchy
From his very first red leather bomber jacket back in the 1980's Michael Jackson inspired a whole generation of fashion trends. Michael developed a unique and individual and sometimes quirky and over the top personal style throughout the course of his life. Here are some of his most memorable looks and fashion pieces.


Which look will you remember most?

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Celebrities Pay Tribute to MJ

Friday 12:40 PM, 26/06/2009
Justin Timberlake: "We have lost a genius and a true ambassador of not only Pop music but of all music," Brooke Shields: "My heart is overcome with sadness for the devastating loss of my true friend Michael," Elizabeth Taylor: "too devastated" Lisa Marie Presley: "I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. I am heartbroken for his children, who I know were everything to him, and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me."
Usher: "I would not be the artist, performer, and philanthropist I am today without the influence of Michael. I have great admiration and respect for him and I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to meet and perform with such a great entertainer, who in so many ways, transcended the culture" Jane Fonda: "I am stunned. My friend, Michael Jackson is dead." Whitney Houston: "I am full of grief."
Cher: "I am having a million reactions,"When I think of him, I think of this young boy, this teenager I first met ?" Britney Spears: "I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!"
Michael Jackson's sudden death yesterday has upset millions of friends, fans and loved ones. Many of Michael's celebrity friends have already come out with public statements about their feelings and memories about Michael. From huge life-long fans Madonna, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to old friends like Jane Fonda, Brooke Shields and even Michael's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley have all expressed their sadness at the loss of Michael's talent and Cher called into Larry King's talk show last night to share some of her best memories. Take a look at what they said:
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