Michael Bolton

26 February 1953, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
62 years

Maureen McGuire, Nicollette Sheridan
Michael Bolton is an American singer who is famous for his powerful ballads. He has sold over 53 million albums. He is dating Desperate Housewives Nicollette Sheridan.

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Michael Bolton's Party Night In London!

Sunday 10:19 AM, 04/03/2012
We spotted Michael Bolton when he was leaving the Arts club in London. He looks happy and satisfied!
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Audrina's Going Dancing!

Tuesday 2:28 PM, 31/08/2010
We can't wait to see if "The Hof" can keep it together for the show! Can singer Michael Bolton even dance? Maybe Kyle Massey's rap skills give him some extra rhythm? Remember Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch? Athletes like Rick Fox don't always make the most graceful dancers, especially the men! is this "Situation" a joke? Margaret Cho is funny, but can she dance? Time will tell! We all saw her amazing skills in "Dirty Dancing", but its been a few years, has Jennifer Grey still got it? Kurt Warner - football and dancing? We don't think so! Sarah Palin's scandalous daughter Bristol Palin, we bet she can move! Here they are! We think Brandy's got this one!
The all star cast of the next season of hit reality TV show Dancing with the Stars was announced last night and we think its going to be so much fun to watch! The Hills' Audrina Patridge is taking part and so is David Hasselhoff! That's not all though! Jersey Shore "The Situation" Michael Sorrentino, singer Brandy all showed up on the live broadcast last night as the stars of the show were revealed for the first time. "Dirty Dancing" iconJennifer Grey is also set to take part in the competition, does anyone else think that's a little bit unfair?! (Source: DS)
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Love birds

Nicollette Sheridan Not Desperate Anymore!

Monday 9:42 PM, 27/04/2009
Sweet! That dog is so adorable! They look like a little family!
Nicollette Sheridan's final Desperate Housewives episode aired last week, but she doesn't seem too sad about it. Could the new man in her life, Steve Pate, have soemthing to do with this? Nicollette split from her fiance Michael Bolton last year and she was devastated at the time, so we are very happy to see she has found someone new! With all the free time she has now, it is great she has someone to share it with!

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Latest news!

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are going separate ways, again!

Wednesday 11:46 AM, 27/08/2008
Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are again going their separate ways and broke their engagement. The relationship originally started in 1992, and lasted for five years. Then Nicole dated the Swede Nicklas Söderblom but started to date Michael again in 2005, and in March 2006 they announced their wedding engagement.
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