Melanie Griffith

9 August 1957, New York, USA
57 years

Antonio Banderas
Melanie Griffith is the daughter of model/actress Tippi Hendren. She started out as a model but soon began acting. She has had drug and alcohol problems. She is now married to Antonio Banderas and has three children (with three different men).

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Check Out: Celebrity Children That Are All Grown Up Now!

Tuesday 8:50 PM, 04/02/2014
Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson, then and now. Today Dakota will star as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. We still remember her as a kid! Victoria Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham, then and now. Brooklyn Beckham has grown up to become a young gentleman, walking the red carpet with his mother. Handsome! Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, then and now. Yea, we guess no one have missed what has happened to Billy Ray's little girl. Angelina Jolie and Maddox Jolie-Pitt, then and now. This little boy has grown up to be a cool teen! Bruce Willis and Rumer Willis, then and now. Little Rumer Willis is also an actress today, and has followed in mom and dad's footsteps.
Some celebrities have brought their children with them in the spotlight, ever since they were little toddlers. But as the years go by, they get older - but honestly, we haven't really realized they're really growing up. We've taken a trip down memory lane and checked out these six celeb children that we've followed for years. Click on the pics and see them all!
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Worst Celebrity Examples Of Plastic Surgery Gone Bad!

Monday 9:19 PM, 17/06/2013
Then and now
Donatella Versace Then and now
Meg Ryan Then and now
Calista Flockhart Then and now
Tori Spelling Then and now
Melanie Griffith
Bad plastic surgery is unfortunately common in Hollywood. Many naturally beautiful men and women change their appearances and end up looking just plastic. We've gathered six examples of very bad plastic surgery so click on the pics and check them all out.
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