Mel Gibson's Girlfriend Releases Music Album!

Tuesday 7:35 PM, 16/06/2009
Mel Gibson's Girlfriend Releases Music Album!

Miss Oksana has ambitions

She is also rumoured to be pregnant with Mel's baby!

She is also rumoured to be pregnant with Mel's baby!

Oksana Grigorieva doesn't just want to be known as Mel Gibson's girlfriend anymore! She has bigger dreams than that! She has recorded a singing album called Beautiful Heartache and the first single is called "Say My Name". We hear that Oksana is actually quite talented and is a trained pianist and she even wrote most of the songs herself! We know you are just dying to hear the song! So click on this link and tell us what you think! (Source: People)


Is Oksana's music going to be a hit?

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Maybe in Russia, not here!!!!

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