Mel B

29 May 1975, Leeds, England
39 years

Peter Andre, Eddie Murphy, Stephen Belafonte
Mel B, or Melanie Janine Brown as her real name is, is a British pop-singer known mainly because of Spice Girls ("Scary Spice"). She used to work as a dancer.
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Fashion Battle!

This Week's 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 7:20 PM, 08/11/2009
8. British X Factor contestant Stacey Solomone has had a bit of a makeover recently and so we understand she is new at the whole fashion and red carpet thing. Someone should have given her a stylist to avoid this cow-like pattern! 7. Lil Kim must be so happy that leather and sparkly things are trendy at the moment! They fit perfectly with her style. Unfortunately she is in the habit of making everything she puts look cheap, even it has a designer label! 6. Freida Pinto is drowning under all that dress! You really can't see her lovely little figure in this and the folds are not helping to flatter her! Not her best fashion moment! 5. All these patterns and textures are a bit much on such a pretty girl like actress Estella Warren! With a face and body like hers, you really don't want the attention to be on the strangely fitting clothes! Oh and her hair looks greasy too, a total red carpet no no! 4. Vintage does not have to mean old fashioned and dowdy! British actress Samantha Morton really got this wrong at her big Hollywood movie premiere this week! 3. Camilla Belle has bee a bit hit and miss lately. Even though the cut of this dress is pretty interesting and the colour looks great on her skin, the fabric is totally unforgivable! This looks like a bird has been stuck onto her dress! 2. No Madeline Zima was not at a Christmas party. This is what she wore to the BAFTA awards in London this week. Maybe someone told her there was a theme, otherwise, there is no excuse! 1. Lady Gaga's clothing needs to come with a warning label: "Do not try this at home!". Even though underwear as outerwear were on catwalks such as Marc Jacobs last Fashion Week, does not mean its ok for an awards ceremony. And hiding behind a lace mask is not going to help either! We don't like this one Lady Gaga, sorry!
It has been a kind of dull week for fashion with a lot of celebs playing in safe in very ordinary outfits for awards ceremonies and premieres. Of course there are always a few exceptions to the rule and even though we appreciate a fashion risk as much as any fashion lover, there were a few disasters this week, such as model turned actress Freida Pinto, who usually gets it very right and of course Lil Kim, who is known for bling bling over the top style! But who is the number 1 worst dressed? Have a look and see if you agree!
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What a failure

Mel B's Strange Blonde Wig!

Wednesday 8:08 PM, 28/10/2009
Mel B's Strange Blonde Wig!
It really does not fit on her head! What were you thinking Mel!
Former Spice Girls singer Mel B launched a new vitamin water drink in London last night and we don't understand her choice of oufit! The little white dress wasn't so bad, but we are really not sure about the blonde wig! It wasn't even fitting on her head quite right! Maybe it has something to do with some of the upcoming commerical ads she will be doing as the face of drink? We hope so, otherwise she is headed straight to the fashion police! We way prefer her usual darker look!
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Latest news

Coming Soon: "Spice Girl Idol"!

Thursday 5:11 PM, 22/10/2009
Coming Soon: "Spice Girl Idol"!
We think they are going to be hilarious judges!
Get ready for Spice Girls: The Musical! We have just heard that former hit girl group The Spice Girls are getting together again! This time its not for a world tour though, its for a reality TV show. The ladies, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C and Mel B are in talks to be the panel of judges for a new show that will audition hopeful girls to play them in a West End show about the Spice Girls! The Spice Girls' manager is Simon Fuller, the man who came up with the idea for the hit reality show "Idol", so its sure to be a huge show! What do you think of hte idea? (Source: TheSun)


Spice Girls: The TV Show:

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Mel B's Husband is Scary Too!

Monday 8:12 PM, 19/10/2009
Mel B's Husband is Scary Too!
Mel B was all giggles! Gorgeous - not!
It looks like former Spice Girls member Mel B "Scary Spice" has finally met her match in her new husband Stephen Belafonte! He seems just as crazy and fun as she is! The two of them went walking around London's fancy Mayfair area laughing and giggling away with Stephen sporting some red hot glossy lipstick! Are they practising for Halloween we wonder? Probably not it was probably all just a bit of fun for the cameras - hilarious!
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What's wrong?

What is Mel B up to?

Wednesday 7:44 PM, 16/09/2009
What is Mel B up to?
Hubby stepping in! The party is over!
For a newly married woman, ex Spice Girls member Mel B is having the time of her life at the moment! Every time we see her lately she at some club or party having a wild time! Last night in London was no different! Mel was drinking and dancing with friends in her hotel's bar and getting very cosy with one of her male companions! Eventually Mel's husband Stephen Belafonte came to take her back up to her suiite! Even though he handled the whole thing very well, you could see he wasn't too happy to find his wife cuddling with another guy! Oops!
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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 7:55 PM, 06/09/2009
8. To go to a party in a bikini is not too classy and if it doesn't even fit it's even worse like here with Angel McCords (Angel is of course the sister of Beverly Hills 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord). 7. Actress Stacy Haiduks black dress is ok, but why is a cat hanging onto it. Put her in jail! 6. Actress/singer Jessica Simpson looked really grave when on the catwalk for Ozlem Suers catwalk and probably it was because of this ugly black dress they made her wear... 5. Reality star Tila Tequila from A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila tries the loeoard trend, but the décolletage is too trashy and the dress too tight. What a fashion disaster! 4. Even if The City star Whitney Port is on her way to the gym, this just looks too trashy. Whitney has been seen in many ugly outfits lately and we wonder if her glory days are over? Maybe Olivia Palermo is the one to take her place in the spotlight? 3. We really like gossip king Perez Hiltons sharp pen but fashion has never been his thing. This is another example! 2. Everybody stared at AnnaLynne McCord at the premiere of Beverly Hills 90210 and we can see why! How could AnnaLynne show up in this crazy outfit? Fire your stylist! 1. THIS WEEKS WORST DRESSED
... is LMFAO artist Sky Blu! His turquoise, tight outfit makes us wanna cry!
Here is another top list with this weeks worst dressed celebs. We have laughed, felt sick and been horrified by the pics this week. We are seriously doubting The City star Whitney Ports sense of fashion and the sisters AnnaLynne McCord and Angel McCord are not much better. This weeks no 1 is a guy we definitely don't wanna see more of!


Who do you think was This Weeks Worst Dressed?

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