Mel B

29 May 1975, Leeds, England
39 years

Peter Andre, Eddie Murphy, Stephen Belafonte
Mel B, or Melanie Janine Brown as her real name is, is a British pop-singer known mainly because of Spice Girls ("Scary Spice"). She used to work as a dancer.
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They're Reunited! Who's Your Favorite Spice Girl!?

Wednesday 12:05 PM, 27/06/2012
Who was your 90's favorite? Mel C or maybe Geri? Mel B with her cool hair? Or sweet Emma? Or the biggest one today- Victoria?
Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Mel C and Mel B were recently reunited to launch 'Viva Forever', a new stage musical that's inspired by their music. This is the first time the whole group is together since they completed their reunion tour back in 2008. But which one is your favorite of the Spice Girls? We want to know! Vote and tell us!


Who's Your Favorite Spice Girl?

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First Class Baby! Mel B Posing On Aeroplane!

Wednesday 9:17 AM, 06/06/2012
Mel B aka Melanie Brown posted this image on Twitter with the caption: 'Ahhhh'. What she was trying to say to us, we don't know, but we bet her children are getting used to the jetset lifestyle already!
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Top 10 Twitpics Of The Week!

Saturday 6:42 PM, 24/03/2012
 Taylor Swift wrote: "Celebrating St Patrick's Day the best way I know how. Donuts" and posted this picture of herself last weekend. We love her! Victoria Beckham posted this picture and wrote: "Just finished cooking! Very proud to be British!! X vb". I looks awesome Posh Spice! Taylor Swift re-tweeted a picture on Twitter, taken by her friend Claire Winter with the caption “Oh's dress up night.” Rihanna posted this image of herself on Twitter eirlier this week. She's stunnung! Nicki Minaj posted this photo on Twitter with the caption "Harajuku to the fullest. #itbangbang'" . Rihanna is a frequent twitterer! Last weekend she posted pictures of herself on Twitter with her grandparents as she celebrates her grandmother Dolly's birthday with the caption "Kisses don't lie". Mel B posted this picture on Twitter with the caption 'this is how WE take family pictures,charming don't ya think?'. Very charming! Selena Gomez posted this image on Twitter from the film set of 'Spring Break' with the caption “Lol I'm so lame. Having way too much getting arrested”. Haha, so cute! Selena also posted this image of herself with 'Sprink Break' co-star Ashley Benson, with the caption “Spring break- busted”
Thanks to Twitter, we get a daily glimpse into the lives of some of our favorite celebrities. We can't get enough of it! Whether they're tweeting about food, family or photoshoot's they keep us thoroughly entertained, and glued, to Twitter. Click on the pictures to check out the top 10 twitpics of the week!
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Spice Girls Might Reunite!

Saturday 4:29 PM, 21/01/2012
Come on Posh Spice!
We can't be the only ones who is excited over this news! Spice Girls will might reunite for Summer Olypics in London! The girls are are agreeable t...READ MORE ▶
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Which Spice Girl Looks Better Today?

Friday 5:00 PM, 23/09/2011
Is Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham the hottest of them all? Melanie "Mel B" Brown Melanie "Mel C" Chisholm looks great! Emma "Baby Spice" Is as cute as always! Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell is super spicy!
Spice girls were real trendsetters in the 90's! They brought the Buffalo's to life, lollipops went cool and doing the peace sign has never been so hip! Spice Girls had game, and then they split up and disappeared! Victoria is the only one of them who really stayed in the spotlight, we only spot the others from time to time, at premieres, in Reality TV, creating some kind of training video and when they try to go back in time and bring Spice Girls back to life. They were so IT in the 90's. We wanted to know, do they still have it? We looked it up, and they look great all of them! Our favorite back in the day was Mel B with her big curly hair, but Geri looks really great now! Which Spice Girl do you think looks better these days? We can't decide!


Which Spice Girl is your favorite?

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Latest news

Spice Girl, Mel B, Gave Birth to Mini-Spice!

Monday 4:17 PM, 05/09/2011
Stunning and pregnant! With her husband always at her side!
Former Spice Girl, Mel B, gave birth to a baby girl this past Friday! This is her third child, but her first with husband Stephen Belafonte. Mel's ...READ MORE ▶
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