The Facts: How Much Hollywood Hotties Really Weigh!

With Summer just around the corner, the stars are probably just as obsessed about their bodies as we are at the moment! Have you ever wondered exactly how tall, skinny and healthy your favourite celebs like Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Lily Allen are? Well we have all the info right here with their pictures! (Source: Nyheter24)
Marisa Miller Height: 173cm Weight: 50kg BMI: 16,7
Beyonce Height: 173cm Weight: 59kg BMI: 19,7
Britney Height: 163cm Weight: 52kg BMI: 19,6
Dita Von Teese Height: 168 Weight: 47kg BMI: 16,6
Jessica Alba Height: 170cm Weight: 57kg BMI 20
Jessica Biel Height: 172cm Weight: 49kg BMI 16,6
Lily Allen Height: 157cm Weight: 62kg BMI: 25,2
Megan Fox Height: 167cm Weight: 51.8kg BMI: 18,6
Adriana Lima Height: 177cm Weight: 51kg BMI: 16,3
Published Apr 17 2009 3:59 PM
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