Megan Fox

16 May 1986, Tennessee, USA
28 years

David Gallagher, Brian Austin Green
Megan Fox is an American actress of French and Irish heritage. She started dancing and acting when she was just 5 years old and when she was 13 she started modeling too. Her breakthough role came with the Transformers movies. Ever since then Megan Fox has been hot property in Hollywood and made a new record when she was voted FHM Magazine's sexiest woman alive 2 years in a row 2008 and 2009!



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Watch And Learn! Check Out Hollywood's Big Hairstyle Don'ts!

Wednesday 8:11 PM, 13/03/2013
Never think you can go blonde from brunette at home. Most times you'll end up this yellow as Rumer Willis did. Hide your bad hair extensions. No, we're really not that interested in seeing them, and we hope Britney Spears has learned that by now.
Heidi Montag is a good example of someone who has bleached her hair one too many times. See all those split ends?! Frizzy hair can be cool, but if you over do it, like Mary-Kate Olsen, it can end up looking like you're just experiencing a very bad hair day.
Too obvious highlights are really not that in anymore, and we hope Fergie has learned that - so she won't look like she's having tiger stripes all over her hair anymore.
Hollywood celebrities have access to the best hair dressers and stylists in the world, but still some times they just end up with big hairstyle failures. We've listed six hairstyles that we really think you should stay away from - so click on the pics and watch and learn from the stars' mistakes!
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Top 10: Fun Foxy Facts About Megan Fox!

Thursday 7:14 PM, 31/01/2013
She's said that she hates to hear people breathe - and has claimed it’s a phobia as she dislikes it so much! When growing up, she says she sometimes used to eat lunch in the school bathroom as girls would sometimes throw ketchup packets at her, although the boys loved to hang around her. We guess they were jealous! Megan has admitted she's a fan of comics! Megan Fox is a real surfer chic! She grew up surfing, and once had a run-in with a Great White shark! Shopaholic! She says she spends most of the money she makes on shoes! Well, at least before she became a mother. Megan is often compared to Angelina Jolie, but Megan herself thinks the media’s comparison displays a lack of creativity! When Megan was just a teen, she says she was always in trouble for sneaking out to meet guys and stealing her mom’s car! Fox said that the worst-case scenario she could see herself in would be filming for “The Hills"! Fox confessed that she once let a tattoo artist smoke marijuana before doing her tattoo, and he actually messed up her body art! (She's got nine tattoos.)
We seriously adore the 26-year-old actress, Megan Fox! And she seems to be such a cute and fun woman, so we decided to find out a little more about her. By clicking on the pics you'll get to know some fun and random facts about her, that you might not have known about before, so check it out right away!
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Megan Fox On Her New "Job": "I'm Not An Actress Anymore!"

Wednesday 8:42 AM, 30/01/2013
The new parents. She's no longer just an actress.
They say all good things comes to an end and so has Megan Fox's acting career done. Well, at least pretty much, according to herself. In Se...READ MORE ▶
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Comfylicious! 6 Celebrities Wearing Super Comfy Ugg Boots!

Tuesday 11:02 PM, 29/01/2013
Jennifer Lopez got comfy in Ugg's - matching her shoes with a pair of ripped jeans and a polo shirt in the same color as her Ugg's! Ashley Greene wearing an over sized top, black leggings and a pair of black Ugg's with cute bling-bling on! Actress Marcia Cross was spotted wearing a really comfortable outfit including Ugg's! Megan Fox looks amazing wearing everything - even this look! Ugg's are even put on the celebrity babies! How cute isn't that?! This is a pic of Kimberly Stewart and her baby daughter.
Ugg boots must be the most comfortable shoes EVER created, don't you think? We love how the fluffy fur makes us feel like we're walking on clouds, and how you always keep your feet warm. We've spotted plenty of celebs looking super comfy in these boots - so click on the pics for inspiration from stars such as Adriana Lima and Megan Fox!
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