Megan Fox

16 May 1986, Tennessee, USA
28 years

David Gallagher, Brian Austin Green
Megan Fox is an American actress of French and Irish heritage. She started dancing and acting when she was just 5 years old and when she was 13 she started modeling too. Her breakthough role came with the Transformers movies. Ever since then Megan Fox has been hot property in Hollywood and made a new record when she was voted FHM Magazine's sexiest woman alive 2 years in a row 2008 and 2009!



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Tuesday 11:19 PM, 23/08/2011
Wanna hear Nicki Minaj sing, like really sing? She has a fantastic voice and we're so impressed! [teen]

Megan Fox is getting her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed and here's why!! [Hollywire]

Can you spot Rupert Grint? [Just Jared Jr]

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Top 11: Celebs Marked For Life!

Friday 2:11 AM, 12/08/2011
10. Ugh, we don't like Audrina Patridge's tattoo! 09. Rocker Kelly Osbourne, but how personal is a tape recorder? 08. Can you see Penelope Cruz's tattoo? 07. Rihanna's body is covered by sentences. 06. Megan Fox is so hot with her written words on the shoulder! Like! 05. Hayden Panettiere! 04. It's hard to notice Heidi Klum's tattoo. 03. We love Sienna Miller's three stars! 02. Eva Longoria with a simple star on her hand! So cute! 01. Wow! The queen of ink! Hate or Love?
One of the biggest trends right now just happens to be a trend for life. Tattoos. Kat Von D might be the most famous celeb with a tattoos but there are many, many celebs who have also been marked for life. Whether it's a meaningful phrase or a drunken mistake, once you've been inked there's no going back! (Well, there is, but it costs a lot of money!)

We think tattoos are so exciting and mysterious! Do you have any? Check out Posh24's Top List of the 11 best and the worst celebrity tattoos! Which celebrity tattoos do you like the most?
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Top 7 Hollywood Heartbreakers!

Wednesday 5:11 PM, 10/08/2011
2. Lately, Gerard Butler has been seen with some of Hollywood's hottest actresses. His rumored relationships include Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Shanna Moakler, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Rosario Dawson.

 3. Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, and Paris Hilton! Yes, Irish actor Colin Farrell had dated them all! 4. Except the rumors that Shia LaBeouf dated co-actress Megan Fox (while she was dating Brian Austin Green!), the list of women Shia has dated is LONG! Hillary Duff, Isabel Lucas, Rihanna, Carey Mulligan, and many many more! 5. Rumor has it that Charlie Sheen has been with over 5,000 women, and we're not surprised. But what do these women see in him? 6. George Clooney may be one of the hottest womanizers on the market, but he is never really taken or single. Is he dating Stacy Keibler or what? Or is he still in love with Elisabetta Canalis? 7. Bad, bad Jude Law couldn't keep his hands off his nanny! But that's not the only prey Jude has captured!
Call them bad boys, heart breakers, or jerks...we all love them, even though we know they're going to leave the second a sexy bombshell comes around. But how can resist that flirty gaze and that knowing smirk? We would die if John Mayer offered to play us a song on his guitar or his Gerard Butler invited us for a ride.... on his motorcycle.

Click on the photos to see why these men are Hollywood's Top Womanizers!
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Selena and Taylor DOMINATE at the Teen Choice Awards!

Monday 9:07 AM, 08/08/2011
Pretty Selena at last year's Teen Choice Awards!
Last night was the Teen Choice Awards and two of our favorite celebs majorly dominated! Can you guess who...?

If you guessed Taylor Swift and Se...READ MORE ▶
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The Transformers Triangle! Who's The Hottest Girlfriend?

Friday 2:13 AM, 29/07/2011
The old Transformers-couple. They also look great together! Wonder who director Michael Bay prefers? (haha)
Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Transformers: Dark of The Moon. We loved it! Hot guys, action packed scenes, and one stunning girl! But the big question rolling around in our head was: which girlfriend do we like the most: Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? We can’t decide and need your help! If you’ve seen all three of the Transformers movies, let us know if you prefer Rosie or Megan as Shia LaBeouf’s Transformers-girlfriend! Vote now!


Girlfriend Watch! Rosie or Megan?

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Saturday 3:17 PM, 23/07/2011
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