Megan Fox

16 May 1986, Tennessee, USA
28 years

David Gallagher, Brian Austin Green
Megan Fox is an American actress of French and Irish heritage. She started dancing and acting when she was just 5 years old and when she was 13 she started modeling too. Her breakthough role came with the Transformers movies. Ever since then Megan Fox has been hot property in Hollywood and made a new record when she was voted FHM Magazine's sexiest woman alive 2 years in a row 2008 and 2009!



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Megan Fox Opens Up: "Hollywood Tear You To Pieces!"

Thursday 6:30 PM, 07/08/2014
Megan Fox has opened up about being a celebrity and the though life in Hollywood. In an interview with New York Daily News newspaper, the ac...READ MORE ▶
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Why Megan Fox Only Works 20 Days A Year!

Saturday 9:03 PM, 21/06/2014
Megan Fox has revealed she only tries to work 20 days a year. The 28-year old actress, who recently gave birth to her second child, claims s...READ MORE ▶
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Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Son's Name Revealed! Find Out Here!

Saturday 7:48 AM, 22/02/2014
Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green welcomed their second child on Thursday this week. The name of their baby has now been revealed...READ MORE ▶
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Megan Fox Welcomes Her Second Child - And It's A...

Friday 9:04 AM, 14/02/2014
Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green have welcomed their second child. The couple, who are parents to 15-month-old Noa, have confirm...READ MORE ▶
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6 Celebrities With Strange Addictions And Obsessions!

Friday 8:58 PM, 10/01/2014
Cheryl Cole has said she's addicted to carrot juice, and that she drinks up to 8 glasses a day. We all know Avril Lavigne loves wearing a lot of makeup, and she has confirmed she has developed an obsession for eye makeup, especially eye liner. She says she feels more naked without it, than she does without clothes. Anna Kendrick has revealed she's completely obsessed with playing Angry Birds, that takes up most of her spare time. Ben Affleck loves gambling, and once lost $500,000 in a single night in Las Vegas, playing poker. Megan Fox is like many other girls - addicted to shoes. The first thing she bought when she received her first pay check from filming, were a $600 Roberto Cavalli heels.
Celebrities are just like the rest of us, they sometimes get kinda obsessed with super weird stuff. We've taken a closer look on six stars that have revealed their strange addictions, so click on the pics and read all about them!
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