Matt Damon Flips Out at Adrian Grenier!

Monday 2:31 PM, 28/09/2009
Is it a war of the egos or just acting?

Is it a war of the egos or just acting?
Could this be a side of the usually sweet and funny Matt Damon we haven't seen before?! Matt came onto the set of Entourage the other day to direct a public service ad for his charity starring Adrian and some video footage has been leaked on the net showing Matt being rude and nasty to Adrian about his acting skills! It was so bad Adrian's co-star Jeremy Piven was trying to keep the peace between the two guys. We thought it was just a scene from an upcoming Entourage episode, but it seems so real! Take a look and tell us what you think! (Source: Gawker)


Is this real or just acting?

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wwww(non member) 1
11/08/2011 7:29 AM
it seems so real if not mat daimon is an amazing

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