Mary-Kate Olsen Out And About In NYC!

Wednesday 4:44 PM, 06/07/2011

Something that we don't often see, (but that we'd like to see more of) is an outing of one of the Olsen sisters. They always give us such great fashion inspiration, as they happen to be some sort of fashion chameleons who just automatically know all of the season trends before they happen. We spotted Mary-Kate Olsen arriving at her Manhattan Hotel yesterday dressed in an abstract-striped sweater, dark jeans, black boots and over-sized black bag and all we have to say is - HOT!
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chuckbasssssssssss(non member) 1
06/07/2011 5:30 PM
Καλά μπρε τόσο κρυγιότι έχει εκιά πάνω στην
Αμέρικα και φορεί κεινέ τόσα ρούχα?Αν είναι μπρε

lilly32(non member) 2
06/07/2011 5:37 PM
love the outfit but always can work harder in a
good way lol
rock the outfit gal!!!!!

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