Marilyn Monroe

1 June 1926, Los Angeles, California, USA
88 years

The Blonde Bombshell
Joe Dimaggio, JFK, Arthur Miller
Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortensen. After a very hard childhood Marilyn started modelling in 1946. She was also given small movie parts where she showed her singing ability. Her career and reputation as a sex symbol was launched in 1953 with the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Marilyn died of a drug overdose in 1962. She is probably the most famous actress of all time.
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Yes please!!

Paris & Nicky Show What Being a Hilton is All About!

Wednesday 2:35 PM, 03/02/2010
special parking too Cute, their outfits are colour matching!
Being an heiress is fun! Just ask sisters Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton! Life is full of fabulous freebies and you get VIP treatment wherever you go, even if its just to a department store like Fred Segal! We spotted the ladies shopping up a storm yesterday along with Paris' new favourite doggie, a Pomerainian called Marilyn Monroe, who of course was also getting the star treatment!
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Jordan's New Man: The Drag Queen!

Thursday 1:17 PM, 22/10/2009
Jordan's New Man: The Drag Queen!
What will Jordan think of next?! That is just wrong!
Jordan aka Katie Price and her new man, cage fighter Alex Reid seem like a match made in trashy heaven! Jordan held a book signing at the Selfridges store in London yesterday and made a huge show of the occasion as usual! Dressed as a kind of wierd drag version of Marilyn Monroe, Jordan had a team of drag queens with her and amongst them, in the most ridicoulous little gold outfit was Alex! He really seemed to be enjoying the whole drag thing too, he was totally in character the whole time!
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What's wrong?

Megan Fox Thinks She's Schizophrenic!

Thursday 8:41 AM, 03/09/2009
We hope she is okay!
Megan has always acted a bit differently from normal young stars!
Sexiest woman alive Megan Fox says she has a secret she has been hiding from everybody for years! She says she has been suffering mental health problems for years, but is so scared of them, she hasn't had herself properly diagnosed. Megan says she suffers mild hallucinations and paranoid thoughts and is afraid she might end up dying young like Marilyn Monroe, who is believed to have suffered from a personality disorder! Poor Megan, we think she should just go and see a doctor and have her problems looked at properly! (Source: Yahoo)
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Who´s the hottest blonde girl in Hollywood?!

Friday 4:53 PM, 21/08/2009
Avril Lavigne Blake Lively Britney Spears Cameron Diaz Carrie Underwood Charlize Theron Christina Aguilera Gwen Stefani Heidi Klum Heidi Montag Hilary Duff Jessica Simpson Kate Hudson Michelle Williams Paris Hilton Reese Witherspoon Taylor Momsen Taylor Swift Whitney Port
Ever since the old Hollywood days of Marilyn Monroe, blondes have been seen as the ultimate Hollywood stars! Even though now there are just as many stunning brunette stars as there are blondes and many of them make the world's most beautiful people lists every year, we thought it might be fun to see who you thought the ultimate blonde bombshell in Hollywood is right now! We put some of our favourite blondes like Hayden Panettiere, Blake Lively, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift here, hope they are your favourites too!


Who´s the hottest blonde girl in Hollywood?

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Latest news!

Britney's Strange Hotel Demands!

Friday 12:33 PM, 08/05/2009
Britney's Strange Hotel Demands!
We think its sweet that Brit loves to arrange her own flowers!
We have all heard the rumours of how stars make the craziest and most Diva-like demands while on tour and while staying in hotels. Britney Spears is no different! She is in London at the moment for her Circus tour and is staying at the famous Dorchester Hotel. These were Britney's demands: bright 100 watt light bulbs in every room, fresh flowers (for her to arrange herself), A collection of Marilyn Monroe DVDs, and all the latest magazines. Britney also wants to know the best running routes in London's Hyde Park and wants to go horse riding! Even though some of these demands are a bit strange, Britney is hardly a diva! Those are things we would love to have around as well! (Source: Celebitchy)


Are Britney's demands too diva for you?

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Celebs Love Their Tattoos!

Wednesday 5:54 PM, 15/04/2009
Angelina Jolie Audrina Patridge Amy Winehouse Benji Madden Spot Kate Moss's little anchor tattoo on her arm You can always fake it like Mariah! Megan Fox - Angelina wannabe? Melanie Griffith Posh Rihanna's wrist tattoo
Fans will know that both Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan have added to their tattoo collections this month. First Lindsay and her gal pal Lily Allen got matching "Sshhh" tattoos on their fingers just like Rihanna's one. Then Rihanna got those guns on her ribcage. Well these girls didn't stop there, they both got inked again this week! Lindsay with a Marilyn Monroe quote on her wrist ""Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle." While Rihanna is keeping hers a secret for now! Tattoos are so hot right now!


Whose has the best tattoos?

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