Mariah Carey

27 March 1970, New York, USA
44 years

Tommy Mottola
Mariah Carey released her first album in 1990 and married the CEO of her record company, Tommy Mottola. Has tried acting but wasn't very successful. Spends a lot of time and money on charities. Has been nicknamed "The Voice" and "Songbirg".
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Hollywood Halloween Costumes - Which one is your favorite?

Saturday 2:58 PM, 30/10/2010
Former Playmate Holly Madison has traded in her bunny ears for a Tinkerbell costume! Katy Perry dressed as Freddie Mercury.... wow! Superwoman Jada Pinkett Smith fights crimes together with her goth princess daughter Willow Smith! Gossip blogger Perez Hilton dressed as his favorite idol/bff, Lady Gaga! Pink dressed as a female clown. She always brings the fun to the house! The Hills star Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth dressed as little Red Riding Hood. Cute! Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters, Teri as the Queen of Hearts and Emerson as Alice! Dina Lohan & daughter Ali Lohan didn't try too hard with their costumes.. Seal & Heidi Klum, the King and Queen of everything Halloween! Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush looking smooth and sexy! Scandal sisters Nicky & Paris Hilton showed up to a Halloween party dressed as a slutty cop and shimmering cougar. Rawr! Christina Aguilera and her son Max makes the cutest skeletons ever!
Halloween is upon us and in Hollywood that means visits to pumpkin patches, going trick or treating with your kids and of course impressing the world with your costume skills at Heidi Klum & Seals annual Halloween masquerade party! Just as the rest of us celebrities wouldn't miss their once a year free pass to look slutty and extravagant for the world. We want to know whose costume impresses you the most - Vote!


Whose costume do you like the most?

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Mariah Carey Finally Admits It - She is Pregnant!

Thursday 6:20 PM, 28/10/2010
Its not weight gain all you nasty people who said we were mad for thinking Mariah Carey was pregnant! The super star singer has finally gone public with her baby news! She admitted on the Today Show this morning! The baby is due next Spring and Mariah also revealed why she was scared to tell the world about it until she was totally sure everything was ok!

Mariah had a miscarriage in 2008 just after marrying her baby daddy Nick Cannon and she said she was in total shock about it and couldn't talk about it to anyone except Nick. No wonder she was so paranoid something would go wrong. We hope Mariah can relax and enjoy herself now that the worst kept secret ever, is officially out! Congratulations Mariah and NIck! Click here to see the interview!
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Get Dressed Nick Cannon!

Monday 10:24 AM, 25/10/2010
Don't get all dressed up for our sake Nick! We spotted Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon leaving a recording studio in Studio City, Los Angeles, yesterday afternoon looking very casual in black Nike sweats. At least he added a Louis Vuitton bag for a little designer flair but we're still giving him thumbs down! What would Mariah say?!
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Mariah Carey in a Wheelchair!

Thursday 8:39 AM, 30/09/2010
She is a total pro! Poor lady needs help walking now!
Ouch! The pain of wearing high heels on stage when you are obviously pregnant! Poor Mariah Carey tripped and fell on her butt during a live performance in Singapore this week and even though she carried on like a pro, just asking her assistant to remove the shoes, without even missing a note, she actually twisted her ankle really badly!

Mariah arrived at LAX yesterday in a wheelchair and her assistant joked that Mariah should be packing more sensible shoes, but unfortunately she doesn't have any! We hope she will take it easy now and relax, in comfy slippers or something! (Source: Wenn)

Here is the clip of the fall:
You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
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Breaking News!

Mariah Speaks Out About Pregnancy!

Friday 8:52 AM, 27/08/2010
Can you see the bump? There it is!
During Mariah Carey's live concerts in Brazil this week, rumors have been flying around that she must be pregnant, because wow, has she packed on some serious pounds! Mariah's husband Nick Cannon dodged questions about Mariah saying that when his wife is ready to talk she will and then suddenly yesterday Mariah did speak out!

She basically confirmed that she is pregnant without actually saying the words, this is what she did say: ?I appreciate everyone?s well wishes. But I am very superstitious, when the time is right, everyone will know". We know that Mariah has been struggling to fall pregnant for a while now and has been on fertility treatment for about a year, so our guess is, she is pregnant, but is waiting for all the possible dangers to be over before she tells the world. Well we are going to go ahead and say congratulations Mariah! (Source: USMagazine)
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J.Lo Out of American Idol & Mariah Wants In!

Thursday 8:51 AM, 12/08/2010
The new judge on American Idol drama continues! As we told you before, Jennifer Lopez has been in talks to replace Ellen Degeneres on the judging panel for American Idol, but it sounds like all those rumours about J.Lo being a diva might be true, because we just heard that the deal fell through and she is out.

Now another famous diva, Mariah Carey has announced that she would love the chance to be a judge on Idol and we think she would be a lot funnier to watch than Jennifer. Mariah's husband Nick Cannon said yesterday that everyone should start a campaign for Mariah on Idol and we agree! Just think of the silly outfits! (Source: Wenn)

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