Mariah Carey

27 March 1970, New York, USA
44 years

Tommy Mottola
Mariah Carey released her first album in 1990 and married the CEO of her record company, Tommy Mottola. Has tried acting but wasn't very successful. Spends a lot of time and money on charities. Has been nicknamed "The Voice" and "Songbirg".
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Was Nick Cannon cheating on Mariah Carey?

Tuesday 11:35 AM, 07/10/2014
It seems as if Mariah Carey is trying to tell the world that Nick Cannon was cheating on her. In an audio clip, which can be heard on TMZ, i...READ MORE ▶
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Mariah Carey's Friends Worried After Breakup!

Monday 8:28 AM, 15/09/2014
Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon recently confirmed that they've gone separate ways. Now the singer reportedly struggles to cope wit...READ MORE ▶
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Revealed: Why Cannon And Carey's Marriage Fell Apart!

Sunday 12:17 AM, 07/09/2014
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon announced last month that they’re living separately. It has now been revealed that their marriage fell apart be...READ MORE ▶
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Nick Cannon Speaks Out About Mariah Carey Split!

Thursday 8:45 AM, 04/09/2014
Nick Cannon has spoken out about splitting from his wife Mariah Carey. The actor/rapper confirmed they had been living apart for months last...READ MORE ▶
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Reports: Mariah Carey Devastated After Nick Cannon Split!

Saturday 2:41 PM, 23/08/2014
Mariah Carey is reportedly devastated after her split from Nick Cannon, who confirmed this week that they’re currently living separately bec...READ MORE ▶
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Nick Cannon's Own Words On Mariah Carey Divorce!

Friday 8:07 AM, 22/08/2014
Earlier this week we reported how Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's marriage have been on the rocks for a few months, and now Cannon himself co...READ MORE ▶
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