Malin Akerman

12 May 1978, Stockholm, Sweden
36 years

Roberto Zincone
Malin Akerman is a Swedish actress who moved from Stockholm to Canada when she was two years old. She started her career as a model but decided acting was more her thing. She is the lead singer of the band The Petalstones. She is 174 cm tall. Married to Italian Roberto Zincone.
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Malin Akerman Spotted Shopping At Kitson!

Thursday 10:50 PM, 20/12/2012
We spotted a pregnant Malin Akerman out shopping at Kitson on Melrose in West Hollywood yesterday! Aww, we're guessing her near and dear ones will get a lot of gifts for Christmas!
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Tom Cruise's New Woman? Malin Akerman's Younger Sister!

Wednesday 1:35 PM, 19/12/2012
Malin Akerman is her big sister. Looks like they had a great time...
Tom Cruise got divorced from Katie Holmes earlier this year and even since we haven't heard much about any new romances - until now. During Tom Cru...READ MORE ▶
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Pregnant! Malin Akerman Shows Off Her Cute Baby Bump!

Monday 7:41 PM, 10/12/2012
Malin Akerman showed off her cute little growing baby bump the other day on the set of her new movie Trophy Wife. She's so beautiful and she's really been glowing ever since she revealed her pregnancy. We wish you all the best, Malin! You'll be such a cute mom!
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Celebrities Helping The Less Fortunate On Thanksgiving!

Friday 7:05 PM, 23/11/2012
Neil Patrick Harris, also known as Barney Stinson, gave good to the homeless. Malin Akerman, you're adorable!
Don't you guys also love seeing celebrities giving back to the less fortunate? We spotted Bella Thorne, Neil Patrick Harris and Malin Akerman serving food to the homeless during Thanksgiving. What a nice thing to do, god bless you guys!
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Then & Now: Malin Akerman!

Tuesday 7:07 PM, 02/10/2012
NOW: Malin looks like a true Hollywood movie star in this long silky black dress! Today she's on of the most desirable women in the business. THEN: In 2005, Malin played the role of Juna Millken in Friends' star Lisa Kudrow's tv-series The Comeback. The show was never a real hit and only went on for 13 episodes... NOW: Malin's style is still a bit out there, recently she showed off her skin in a tight and very much revealing long dress. THEN: As a child, Malin had no plans to become an actress. Her mother introduced her to modelling while she was still in primary school. Though she landed several advertising campaign deals, Malin decided to quit at age twelve. NOW: Malin has landed a role in the new ABC comedy tv-series Trophy Wife. She will play a party girl who falls for a man with three manipulative children and two judgmental ex-wives. We smell drama! THEN: Malin made her acting debut on the Canadian science fiction series Earth: Final Conflict in 1997, in a smaller role as a robot. Fun! NOW: Would you believe this woman was a punk-rocker just a couple of years ago?! THEN: Malin har been experimenting, not only with clothes but also with hair colors! In 2009 she pulled off a cute brown shade. Thumbs up! NOW: Malin and hubby Roberto Zincone are expecting their first child! Congratulations!
Our girl Malin Akerman is a fun and fearless female. Just the other day she announced that she and husband Roberto Zincone are now expecting their first child! Aww! To celebrate all her awesomeness, we decided to take a look at Malin, back then and now. Click on the pics and get to know a little more about the super cool actress!
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Top 10! Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Monday 3:18 PM, 01/10/2012
2. Kristin Cavallari's black baby doll dress is too cute! Perfect for a shopping day! 3. Pregnant lady Malin Akerman is glowing in a silky red dress. The black heels are a fun detail to her look! 4. Babies are great accessories, right Hilary Duff?! Well with that little charmer on your arm, you are bound to make it to this week's toplist. That and the nice shirt of yours, of course.... 5. Foxy lady Eva Longoria is all dressed up in a tight silky long dress. Dramatic! 6. We love your jumpsuit Gwen Stefani! And the blazer is too hot! 7. Bad girl Rihanna is looking gangsta in low cut grey sweatpants, a tummy short hoodie and black silky baseball jacket. Cool look! 8. Hello Kitty! Jessica Alba's neon yellow work-out top is to die for, fun and playful! 9. Your dress is awesome Christina Aguilera, but your hair color makes your look so much more amazing! Fun fun fun! 10. Rita Ora is on this list every other week and there is no wonder because her style is so unique. You go girl!
Ah a new week has begun! Let's kick it off with some great fashion inspiration from our favorite stars! Alicia Keys has a really cool leather jacket/vest on and Kristin Cavallari is super pretty in a black dress with fun pattern. Click on the pictures to get more awesome fashion inspiration for the rest of the week!
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