16 August 1958, Michigan, USA
56 years

Henry Rollins, Michael Jackson, Naomi Campbell, David Lee Roth, Sean Penn, John Kennedy Jr., Warren Beatty, Matt Dillon, Lenny Kravitz, Willem Dafoe, Anthony Kiedis, David Duchovny, Dennis Rodman, Billy Zane, Guy Ritchie
Madonna is one of the world's most acclaimed and famous singer. She has sold more than 150 million albums and is now seen as a permanent icon. Madonna has been married to Sean Penn and Guy Richie. A couple of years ago she did a celebrated collection with H&M that sold worldwide. Her best friends are Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow. Madonna is very active in the Kabbalah movement. She woke in his early artistic career much debate about her sexy way of moving on stage, which is especially shown in her documentary, In Bed with Madonna. She lost her mother at the age of three and has therefore grown up with her Italian father and brother.

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Watch Out Boys! The Cougars Are In Town!

Wednesday 6:49 PM, 19/12/2012
For every album she releases, Madonna seems to hook up with a new background dancer! Last time it was her Brazilian boy toy, Jesus Luz and now it's Brahim Zaibat from France!. Jennifer Aniston is eight years older then John Mayer and though their love story didn't end too well it seems like Jen liked the idea of being with a younger man, given the thought she's marrying one now! You haven't forgotten this old couple right? It differs nine years between Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake and they dated for about five years! Jennifer Lopez got her cougar on! While she's 43, her boyfriend Casper Smart is 25! The age difference of 10 years seems to be doing Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon nothing but good! They seem so happy together!
They say age is just a number and when your name is Demi Moore or Cameron Diaz you certainly won't let it get in your way. Shamelessly these Hollywood ladies have dated some of the hottest and youngest guys Hollywood has to offer! And really, who can blame them? Click on the pics to see who's cougar claws are out!
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What are you wearing, Madonna!? This looks nothing but brutal, Madonna... This looks slightly more cleaned up, Madonna! Oh so here we go again... Madonna showing off her elasticity We would def have skipped the part taking our  trousers off... Yes, Madonna, this is the way to go!
We saw Madonna performing at the Madison Square Garden in New York last night and we can nothing but state that she went totally crazy on stage! Have a look at the pics by clicking on them to see what we're talking about...
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