16 August 1958, Michigan, USA
55 years

Henry Rollins, Michael Jackson, Naomi Campbell, David Lee Roth, Sean Penn, John Kennedy Jr., Warren Beatty, Matt Dillon, Lenny Kravitz, Willem Dafoe, Anthony Kiedis, David Duchovny, Dennis Rodman, Billy Zane, Guy Ritchie
Madonna is one of the world's most acclaimed and famous singer. She has sold more than 150 million albums and is now seen as a permanent icon. Madonna has been married to Sean Penn and Guy Richie. A couple of years ago she did a celebrated collection with H&M that sold worldwide. Her best friends are Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow. Madonna is very active in the Kabbalah movement. She woke in his early artistic career much debate about her sexy way of moving on stage, which is especially shown in her documentary, In Bed with Madonna. She lost her mother at the age of three and has therefore grown up with her Italian father and brother.

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Tired and blind are not the same thing Madonna!

Thursday 8:47 PM, 25/09/2008
Tired and blind are not the same thing Madonna!
She looks so sad Look at her skin And with those sweatpants?
Madonna is right now on her world tour and today she left Hotel de Crillon in Paris, France. You can see that the tour is really tearing on her, she looks very tired and her skin doesn't look so healthy. But sure, she's tired but doesn't make you blind! What is that horrible furry thing?
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Madonna training harder than ever!

Saturday 5:34 PM, 13/09/2008
Madonna training harder than ever!
Wearing a rather interesting outfit and holding on tight to her cell phone Madonna was spotted leaving her London gym yesterday and returning to her house right next door. As you may have already noticed, Madonna is no stranger to working out and now that her world tour is underway Madge is training harder than ever!
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Guy Ritchie's party crashed by robbers!

Thursday 4:21 PM, 11/09/2008
It would be better without does things in your hair!
Happy Birthday! Horrible coat
Madonna and Guy Ritchie arrived at the Punchbowl pub in Mayfair to celebrate Guys 40th birthday. The pub was being robbed while the party was in full swing so nobody noticed and it was reported that thousands of pounds worth of phone cards were stolen. But thousands pounds is nothing for Madonna so the party continued in good spirits!
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What a diva!

Madonna Sticky and Sweet Tour

Tuesday 5:42 PM, 26/08/2008
Madonna Sticky and Sweet Tour
Cool opening Freaky outfit It's getting hot in here What do Guy say about that? Yeah!
Madonna starts her World tour in Cardiff, United Kingdom. It?s the tour for her latest album Hard Candy and the tour is called Sticky and Sweet. One and a half hour late on stage, the 50-year-old singer did an impressing job, but the Millennium Stadium was only two-thirds full.

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Love is in the air

Madonna and Guy Ritchie renewing their vows

Monday 4:18 PM, 25/08/2008
Madonna and Guy Ritchie made a last-ditch attempt to save their troubled marriage by renewing their wedding vows at a private kabbalah ceremony in London. Madonna, who turned 50 last weekend, had flown her kabbalah teacher over from Los Angeles to conduct the proceedings. According to, it was very intimate ceremony and both Guy and Madonna made vows to each other and pledged to try to make their marriage strong again.
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Madonnas 50th Birthday Party!

Sunday 9:08 PM, 17/08/2008
Beautiful couple! Lots of people wanted to take a look at the star! They look really happy!
Madonna and Guy Ritchie are happily posing for the cameras when arriving at the Volstead Nightclub in London last night! This is where Madonna was celebrating her 50th birthday, along with her friends and family. She was glowing and looking fabulous in black and gold. Guy was by her side most of the night and they looked happy and in love! He was looking very smart in a grey suit, they are what we call a good-looking couple!
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