16 August 1958, Michigan, USA
56 years

Henry Rollins, Michael Jackson, Naomi Campbell, David Lee Roth, Sean Penn, John Kennedy Jr., Warren Beatty, Matt Dillon, Lenny Kravitz, Willem Dafoe, Anthony Kiedis, David Duchovny, Dennis Rodman, Billy Zane, Guy Ritchie
Madonna is one of the world's most acclaimed and famous singer. She has sold more than 150 million albums and is now seen as a permanent icon. Madonna has been married to Sean Penn and Guy Richie. A couple of years ago she did a celebrated collection with H&M that sold worldwide. Her best friends are Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow. Madonna is very active in the Kabbalah movement. She woke in his early artistic career much debate about her sexy way of moving on stage, which is especially shown in her documentary, In Bed with Madonna. She lost her mother at the age of three and has therefore grown up with her Italian father and brother.

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What a diva!

Katie Holmes' Glamour Cover Upsets Lilo!

Saturday 3:50 PM, 07/03/2009
How childish can you be? Lindsay Lohan is very angry with Katie Holmes because she made the cover of Glamour Magazine. Lindsay is part of a photoshoot inside the April issue of the magazine and was under the (wrong) impression that her posing as madonna would be the cover! How is that Katie's fault Lindsay?(Celebitchy)
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Guy Ritchie Calling Madonna "It" Causes Chaos!

Wednesday 12:46 PM, 04/03/2009
Guy Ritchie's friends have told the media that he had a special nickname for his wife towards the end of their relationship. He called her It! Saying things "It's in a bad mood today". Since this came out a few days ago hundreds of books and DVD's of Steven King's "IT" have been delivered to all Madonna's houses across the world! The popstar must be fuming mad! Her clever publicist just said this: "It has not been in a bad mood since the divorce was finalised". Miaoww!(showbizspy)
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Janice Dickinson Pumps Iron and Gas at the Same Time!

Tuesday 7:10 AM, 03/03/2009
Not happy with the paps!
Busting those moves! Showing the young ones how its done! Amazing she is still so fit, she must be even older than Madonna!
Her modelling career was finished years ago, but Janice Dickinson is still an exercise freak! The tv star busted out some moves while filling up her car's tank on her way to a work out. She just went ahead and did her stretches on the ground next to the gus pump! Ewww!
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Hot like no other

Lady GaGa: "I just wanna make Music and Have Sex with Random People"

Monday 6:13 PM, 23/02/2009
Lady GaGa: "I just wanna make Music and Have Sex with Random People"
The lady Lost her famous sunglasses with the mirrors on the side, if you have them please send them back to her! The now famous hairdo
Lady Gaga says we haven't seen the best of her yet! In an interview with Daily Star in England, The Lady promised to become an even sexier and bigger star, she says she looks up to artists like Madonna who can reinvent themselves to be around for 25 years and more. Lady also says she has no dreams of settling down and wants to play around as much as possible. Why are we not surprised?
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Attention-Seeking Uma at Oscar's After-party!

Monday 1:12 PM, 23/02/2009
Attention-Seeking Uma at Oscar's After-party!
Gwen Stefani Madonna Naomi Watts Diane von Furstenberg Sheryl Crow Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Halle Berry Jessica Biel in a change of clothes! Kate Bosworth Rosario Dawson Jessica Alba Ryan Phillippe and his new girlfriend! Partying hard Mickey Rourke The body! Elle Macpherson Reese Witherspoon on her own Kate Winslet and hubby Director Sam Mendes
The Vanity Fair Oscar's After-Party is almost as famous at the Academy Awards themselves. It is especially great for stars who haven't been invited to the Oscars, like Uma Thurman. She was all over the cameras, posing and giggling, she actually looked a bit drunk! We almost didn't recognise Madonna with those weird new cheek implants either! It was also nice to see Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer so sweet together!
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Madonna brings the fashion shows to her!

Sunday 10:03 PM, 22/02/2009
Madonna brings the fashion shows to her!
If Madonna doesn't want to go to the Fashion show, the Fashion show will come to Madonna! Madonna loves the Ed Hardy brand so much that she asked designer Christian Audigier for a private show at his office! The superstar arrived at Audigier's office around 5 pm and left about an hour later. How luxurious!
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