16 August 1958, Michigan, USA
56 years

Henry Rollins, Michael Jackson, Naomi Campbell, David Lee Roth, Sean Penn, John Kennedy Jr., Warren Beatty, Matt Dillon, Lenny Kravitz, Willem Dafoe, Anthony Kiedis, David Duchovny, Dennis Rodman, Billy Zane, Guy Ritchie
Madonna is one of the world's most acclaimed and famous singer. She has sold more than 150 million albums and is now seen as a permanent icon. Madonna has been married to Sean Penn and Guy Richie. A couple of years ago she did a celebrated collection with H&M that sold worldwide. Her best friends are Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow. Madonna is very active in the Kabbalah movement. She woke in his early artistic career much debate about her sexy way of moving on stage, which is especially shown in her documentary, In Bed with Madonna. She lost her mother at the age of three and has therefore grown up with her Italian father and brother.

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What a house!

Madonna Moves Into Gossip Girl Territory!

Thursday 7:35 AM, 16/04/2009
Madonna's fancy new Brownstone
Madonna is hoping this will be little Mercy's new home.
Madonna must be a Gossip Girl Fan just like us! She just bought this The Upper Eastside townhouse in Manhattan and we hear she paid $41 million dollars for it! The house has 26 rooms including 13 bedrooms, two car garages, nine fireplaces, a wine cellar and a huge garden. We are sure Madonna will have a state of the art gym put in as well. Welcome to Manhattan Madonna, we can't wait for all the gossip that comes from that house!
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Madonna Begging for Mercy

Wednesday 3:49 PM, 15/04/2009
Madonna Begging for Mercy
Even though Madonna's first attempt to adopt little Mercy James was rejected a week or so ago, Madonna is determined to keep trying. While the pop queen waits for her next day in court, she has just released this emotional picture of herself holding little Mercy and an email saying how much she cares about Mercy and how she would love to give her home and a better life. Good luck Madonna! (DailyMail)
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Celebrities swap limos for bicycles!

Tuesday 2:30 PM, 14/04/2009
Anna Paquin Billy Zane Harrison Ford Heidi Montag Joe Jonas Kate Beckinsale Matthew McConaughey Miley Cyrus Russell Crowe Sarah Michelle Gellar Spencer Pratt Tori Spelling Tobey Maguire Madonna
We all know Hollywood-celebs are the biggest trendsetters. The latest thing they have picked up is using bicycles instead of their limos and sportcars! Stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Heidi Montag, Agyness Deyn and Madonna all bike it these days. So take a tip from them: now you can be green and get exercise while you're following a hot Hollywood trend!
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Latest news

What's Going on with Guy Madonna?!

Sunday 12:14 PM, 12/04/2009
What's going on between Madonna and Guy Ritchie?! According to sources Guy and Madonna were "all over each other" at a Kabbalah ceremony in London this week and the kids Lourdes and Rocco were there too! We know Madonna's been a little sad after the Malawi adoption didn't go through but talk about mood swings! One minute she and Guy hate each other and the next they're acting like teenagers in love! (News of the World)


Madonna and Guy back together?!

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Madonna Lends a Helping Hand to Earthquake Victims

Wednesday 1:43 PM, 08/04/2009
Madonna Lends a Helping Hand to Earthquake Victims
The earth mother is definitely one of Madonna's many personas She can be fun, right?
As you know, Madonna's family is originally from Italy. So when an earthquake hit in Madonna's grandfather's hometown in Italy this week, the pop queen was quick to do what she could. Madonna won't say how much money she donated exactly, but we hear its as much a half a million dollars! She really does have a softer side. (People)


Should Celebrities Get Involved in Charity Work?

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What's wrong?

Madonna Smiles Through The Disappointment

Tuesday 8:24 PM, 07/04/2009
Madonna Smiles Through The Disappointment
She is not looking her best at all We do love the bracelet though! Madonna has the worst luck!
Madonna is in London after her failed trip to Malawi, where she had hoped to adopt a little girl, Mercy James. As you know, the adoption was denied, but Madonna is appealing the case. In the mean time she is in London for a week spending time with some close friends. While Madonna was out last night with friends like designer Stella McCartney, she tried her best to smile for the paps, but we are sure she is really upset by all the bad press she has received from this adoption.
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