Lulu Guinness

1 January 1960, England
55 years

Lucinda Jane Guinness
Lulu Guinness is a British accessories fashion designer. In 1989 she design her first handbag, it became a great success so she started her own line called "Original House". Year 2007, Lulu Guinness launched her jewellery collection and many celebs were seen quicly wearing her jewellery.

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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 3:01 PM, 14/06/2009
8. Singer Dolly Parton likes to dress up in pink! But some colour in her face wouldn't hurt! 7. Who could imagine that Howard Stern is a well-payed radio personality. These clothes compose a true fashion disaster! 6. This was a major low-point for Carmen Electra! 5. Where did British designer Vivienne Westwood find this horrible jacket? She probably made it herself! 4. Poor Sharon Stone must have picked up that worn jeans are trendy, but she obviously didn't understand the updated look! 3. Zandra Rhodes is another British designer who collapsed this week. Help! 2. Adam Lambert is a multi-talented young man but fashion is quite obviously not one of his talents! 1. THIS WEEKS WORST DRESSED Audrey Kitching is an "alternative" model, but we don't predict a bright future for her...
Once again, we bring you a new list full of fashion disasters. Some of our beloved celebs are in desperate need of style tips. This week, surprisingly, are designers Lulu Guiness and Vivienne Westwood. Carmen Electra is another major flopped celeb on this week's list. The winner is a girl who is working towards becoming a supermodel. But it doesn't look too promising....


Who do you think was this weeks worst dressed?

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