Lourdes Leon: Fashion Hipster!

Tuesday 7:33 AM, 17/02/2009
Watch out Mom, there is a new material girl in town!

Watch out Mom, there is a new material girl in town!

Super cool!

Super cool!
Little Fashionista!

Little Fashionista!

Madonna's little girl Lourdes Leon has rocked some cool and innovative looks on her way to the Kabbalah centre lately. She certainly has got her own groove going on! Her clothes and accessories are always perfectly put together from head to toe! Most recently she added these oversize glasses to her whole vibe and we love them!
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haha(non member) 1
17/02/2009 5:55 PM
same here i like the outfit in the 4th picz she
looks really diffrent frrom the first 3 picz and
then BAM she look brilliant

blablabla(non member) 2
17/02/2009 5:59 PM
yes you are rigth I think she looks ugly at the
first one.
And her eyebrows. yeah he needs to fix

startonne(non member) 3
17/02/2009 6:45 PM
she is so teribble ! ! !

d(non member) 4
17/02/2009 7:25 PM
she has a nice style that's for sure!
but she is
super ugly!

Miss. Pic 4(non member) 5
17/02/2009 7:53 PM
I love her outfit on pic 4 <33

!(non member) 6
17/02/2009 8:15 PM
I saw in the TV they were saying madonna doesnt
want her to fix her eyebrows ..

...(non member) 7
17/02/2009 8:24 PM
spindleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iðrençç

she is amazing(non member) 8
17/02/2009 9:12 PM
she is pretty

pretty(non member) 9
17/02/2009 9:23 PM
she is so pretty in all the pictures

Eww(non member) 10
17/02/2009 10:29 PM
Wow she's hideous and needs to seriously consider
plucking her eye brows. Her style is uncalled for,
wacky, and stupid. No girl her age should be
dressing like that. Sorry but no

Cute!(non member) 11
17/02/2009 10:30 PM
It kk but my fav is da 4th 1 its fab!! It looks
gr8 on her!!! Super cute 4 ny1!!!xxx

omg.(non member) 12
18/02/2009 12:46 AM
she needs to pluck her eye brows! they are so
& she is ugly.
and those outfits are so
gross , uh i hate them.
but the 4th picture could
work with out those random tights and different

meryem(non member) 13
18/02/2009 12:46 PM
inanamýyorum..ben bu kýzdan daha güzelim ve daha
güzel giyiniyorum..

Ziggy(non member) 14
03/03/2009 3:12 PM
Dude, she has a mustasche.

lourdes leon(non member) 15
07/03/2009 5:13 PM
you're so mean!!!
my eye brows are
and so am I!!!
and i don't know why
are you so mean...
screw you

- lourdes

07/03/2009 5:41 PM
She looks super kooky in all the pics! I love all
the outfits but m fave one is the 4th pic.

uhmmm.(non member) 17
07/03/2009 9:01 PM
I loovee the outfit in the 4th pic.
but the
eyebrows. need.to.be.waxed. ASAP.
&& her outfits
are not cool. srsly people. they dont match. at

i have itchy ankles.(non member) 18
09/03/2009 9:08 AM
yeah, the 4th pic is the best. the rest look too

ñññññ(non member) 19
10/03/2009 9:27 PM
she is ugly and dresses VERY VERY bad!

love them!!(non member) 20
25/05/2009 6:57 PM
Lourdes has AMAZING style! I love her outfits in
my opinion.

Please listen Lourdes(non member) 21
25/05/2009 9:36 PM
You are very beutyful....without your eyebrows and
your mustache

shadow(non member) 22
03/06/2009 7:05 PM

bogga95 (Posh24 member) 23
09/06/2009 3:26 PM
i think she looks really pretty :) well the
eyebrows are little .... i dont like them in the
first photo (just what i think) she is pretty cool
i mean she is only 12 !!

.(non member) 24
10/06/2009 4:53 PM
She looks like a rock star! Wonder if she is, or
whether she's as sweet as pie... ?

better(non member) 25
28/07/2009 12:02 AM
she actually has her eyebrows plucked now,OMG it
looks better......she was so ugly before...better

<3(non member) 26
07/08/2009 9:37 PM
she looks like a granny :S

OK(non member) 27
02/03/2010 1:47 PM
I like her outfit in the 4th one, the others are
OK-ish, but she really does need to fix her
eyebrows and then she'd be so much prettier!

12345(non member) 28
09/06/2010 8:08 PM
Lourdes is soooooooooo UGLY!!!

emmy(non member) 29
10/06/2010 3:41 AM
guys she is just a kid stop making fun of her she
is pretty and she doesnt need to PLUCK her eye
brows for you

marilyn(non member) 30
02/07/2010 6:13 AM
She's just barely a teenager. Not too many
mother's are keen to let their 13 year olds get
their brows waxed or plucked - but I think Madonna
really goofed up in this case. She's been in the
public eye long enough to know better. The minute
she decided to

marilyn(non member) 31
02/07/2010 6:18 AM
The minute she decided to let her child be in the
media spotlight, she should have known that the
rules are different for fashionistas, regardless
of age. She should have taken care of the facial
hair before she put her poor kid out there. I fear

marilyn(non member) 32
02/07/2010 6:21 AM
I fear Madonna is making a mistake - setting her
kid up for criticism she's too young to handle.
She's a child - not a fashion designer!

mileycyrusbigestfan(non member) 33
02/07/2010 9:59 AM
alltså snälla ni säger att hon måste noppa ögon
brynen alltså ta bort hår men det är samma sak ni
svenskar fyller i era ögonbryn med ögonbryns penna
för att ha snygga ögonbryn så ni har ju fylare
ögonbryn än henne i gentligen

my personal opinion(non member) 34
09/07/2010 9:07 PM
if she fixed the whole facial hair problem she
could be very pretty. also if she fixed her
hair... like trimed it and used some frizz-fixing
conditioner and straightened/curled it. about her
outfits, though... the fourth one is pretty but
the rest look te

my personal opinion(non member) 35
09/07/2010 9:10 PM
it cut me off. grrr..
well it mostly just said
that she looks like a wreck and that i know she is
famous but most celebs don't look like her. and
that i hope she does well with her new line,
material girl, and re

my personal opinion(non member) 36
09/07/2010 9:12 PM
and remembers most people don't dress like her if
she wants people to buy stuff. if she wants all
the negative attention she should continue being
this way. i'm sure she is a nice girl though....

Rochelle(non member) 37
29/07/2010 2:24 AM
People are jealous. Look how pretty she is!

wakawaka(non member) 38
01/08/2010 4:51 PM
Heck with the monobrow, she has bigger issues--her
fashion! I wouldnt dress like that even if someone
PAID me. Where are the fashion police?!

Wow... o.O(non member) 39
05/09/2010 12:58 PM
Without the seriously bushy eyebrows and mucked up
glasses, she kinda looks cute.

4t5(non member) 40
26/10/2010 5:29 AM

Waaaaah(non member) 41
01/01/2011 7:53 PM
Salut je suis francaise et jaime beaucoup lourdes
leon elle est super belle!

Heyya(non member) 42
07/05/2011 8:09 PM
Ya she really does look horrible with her unibrow
and her moustache....

o.m.g(non member) 43
10/11/2011 9:44 PM
omg. shave the moustache and the uni brow she is a

flubber(non member) 44
10/11/2011 9:46 PM
she looks like a meatball with a

Well.(non member) 45
20/01/2012 11:32 AM
It's just ririculous to see such violent comments
about her overall appearance and features, I must

I didn't like her 'style' since it looks
like cropped out of a hipster 20 something girl's
magazine - so I hope she can develop a more decent
and s

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