Logan Lerman

19 January 1992, Beverly Hills, California, USA
23 years

Logan Lerman is an American actor who started at an early age. He appeared in his first movie, "What Women Wants" when he was 8 years old. But he is most known for his role in "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief", where he play's a teenage boy who is the son of the Sea God, Poseidon.
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Emma Watson is a Wallflower!

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Logan Lerman Our New Spiderman?!

Sunday 10:18 PM, 11/04/2010
Most of you probably know that Tobey Maguire has retired his Superman outfit and the hunt for the new Superman has been intense but seems to have come to an end finally! Sony Pictures seem to be set on Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman as their new superhero in the fourth Spiderman movie expected to come out in 2012. (Source: HitFix)
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