Liv Tyler

1 July 1977, New York, USA
37 years

Royston Langdon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Whitworth, Rory Cochrane
The daughter of Steven Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith) and Playboy model Bebe Buell. Liv thought her father was Todd Rundgren for a long time but at age 12 she found out Steven was in fact her real father. She then changed her name to Tyler. Liv is married to Royston Langdon and they have one child.

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A Pregnant Liv Tyler Taking Her Son to School

Friday 11:05 PM, 24/10/2014
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Liv Tyler Is Pregnant!

Thursday 9:01 AM, 11/09/2014
Liv Tyler is pregnant again. The actress is reportedly expecting her second child. Tyler is already a mom to 9-year-old son Milo William, wh...READ MORE ▶
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Orlando Bloom Is Dating Liv Tyler After Miranda Kerr Split!

Thursday 9:08 PM, 05/12/2013
Orlando Bloom has said that he'll always love his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, since they have one son together and always will be family. But just...READ MORE ▶
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Friday Fun! Celebrities That Don't Appear To Age At All!

Friday 8:37 PM, 30/08/2013
Jennifer Aniston in 1998 and in 2013. Liv Tyler looks almost exactly like she did in 2001 (left), today in 2013. Enrique Iglesias hasn't aged much since 2002 (left). It must be true that hobbits don't age. Elijah Wood in 2004 and in 2013. Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 2004 and in 2013.
We all hope we will age well, but if you take a closer look at some Hollywood celebrities, it looks like they don't appear to age at all instead. Botox, facial treatments and plastic surgery - you can stay young in many ways if you have the money, but the only difference is that these six stars look exactly the same as they did almost a decade ago! Click on the pics and check out the celebs that don't age at all!
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Amanda Seyfried Replaces Liv Tyler As The Face Of Givenchy!

Thursday 8:22 AM, 02/05/2013
Actress Amanda Seyfried is replacing Liv Tyler as the face of luxury brand Givenchy. She will be the new front face of fragrance Very Irresi...READ MORE ▶
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Celebs Who Started Out As Models!

Saturday 8:45 AM, 05/01/2013
Three years before making it into the movie business, Liv Tyler was a model. Cameron Diaz modeled for Calvin Klein and Levi´s back in the days! Angelina Jolie was modeling for JCPenny in her younger days... Suprised? Charlize Theron jumped into the  the modeling industry when she was 16. Have you also always thought that Amanda Seyfried  has the typical model look? It is not surprising, given that she also began her career as a model.
What does Lindsay Lohan, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie have in common? Well, the all started their careers in the modeling industry! Click on the pictures to learn how these 6 girls made it in Hollywood!
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