Will Lindsay Lohan's Partying Affect Liz Taylor Role?

Lindsay Lohan blue suit orange hair blue tshirt
This weekend Lindsay Lohan was out and partying at the Coachella festival and her weekend-long partying has been said will affect her Elizabeth Taylor role. But producers says that this don't scare them and it will not affect her role. Lindsay's rep Steve Honig have said: "Producers have assured us everything is on track and there are absolutely no problems."

Sources close to the production also tells that the producers aren't concerned about current police investigation whether LiLo assaulted a woman at a Hollywood nightclub. It has been said that the producers sticking with Lindsay... for now. (tmz)
Lindsay Lohan snl blonde hair purple dress
This time, Lindsay Lohan's partying will not affect her role.
Lindsay Lohan red hair beige coat jeans sunglasses
This time, Lindsay Lohan's partying will not affect her role.
Lindsay Lohan white dress white shoes red hair coachella
This time, Lindsay Lohan's partying will not affect her role.
Lindsay Lohan white dress green bag sunglasses
LiLo at the Coachella festival this wekeend.
Lindsay Lohan red pants black bag black blazer blonde hair sunglasses
Source: WENN.com
LiLo at the Coachella festival this wekeend.
Published Apr 17 2012 9:27 AM
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