Lindsay Lohan Loves The Attention!

Thursday 3:01 PM, 04/06/2009
Lindsay Lohan Loves The Attention!

flirting with the cameras

She loves it!

She loves it!

Lindsay Lohan attended her first Samantha Ronson gig since their big break-up a bit more than a month ago when she was banned from a party that Sam was playing! Lindsay and Sam were both at Bungalow 8 in London last night and even though they didn't leave together, they both headed to Sam's hotel. Lindsay made sure the paps noticed her leaving with Sam's friends and made quite a show of blowing kisses to the photogs! She just loves being in the limelight, no matter what she says!
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no no no(non member) 1
04/06/2009 11:16 PM
no creo que las estrellas deban de estar en la
callle solas con un monton de guarda espaldas yo
pienso que seria mejor que isieran un cruzero y
alli metieran a todas las estrellas del mundo y
que se las lleven a un lugar donde no haiga
contancto con la si

reggie (Posh24 member) 2
08/06/2009 9:10 PM
like the scarfe dont like her face it looks old
and shaggy like my greatgrans. she should get her
life back together before its 2 later

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