Lindsay Lohan Is Putting Herself On House Arrest!

Lindsay Lohan purple dress
Lindsay Lohan is right now on probation and her friends advice is that LiLo should put herself on lockdown until her two weeks probation is done.

A week ago, we reported that Lindsay was involved in a hit and run accident outside a nightclub in Los Angeles. But LiLo herself claims that she didn't do anything wrong. Sources says that the latest incident have maked people close to Lindsay to beg her to stop going out at night until her probation is over. Her probation will end on March 29. Surprisingly, Lindsay agreed whit the advice and she will only leave her home when she really has to. Will LiLo ever learn? She keeps getting herself into trouble so we think this house arrest is a great idea! (tmz)
lindsay lohan orange leather jacket sunglasses blonde hair
Lindsay Lohan beige coat lollipop jeans orange hair sunglasses
Lindsay Lohan is having trouble with the law!
Lindsay Lohan black dress sunglasses black pumps black fur scarf
Lindsay Lohan is having trouble with the law!
lindsay lohan creme white shirt black belt sunglasses
She's now putting herself on house arrest!
Lindsay Lohan blonde hair white dress
She's now putting herself on house arrest!
Published Mar 19 2012 3:57 PM
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