LiLo Lands A Job!

Friday 8:32 AM, 08/04/2011
LiLo Lands A Job!

It looks like Lindsay Lohan's comeback might be on the horizon for real this time! According to TMZ, she has finally found herself a job, and it's a pretty good one too! While many film studios wouldn't dare getting involved with the scandalous actress, A-lister John Travolta has reached out a helping hand, offering her a role in his new mafia movie, "Gotti: Three Generations". According to sources she is currently in negotiations to play Victoria Gotti, daughter of mafia boss John Gotti.

The movie is based on a true story, and rumors that Lindsay might be involved in the project started already back in January, when she was spotted meeting up with the son of the real life mafia boss. It sounds like quite a cool role, and we have no doubts that she could do it well too if she just applied herself. Here's to hoping she doesn't screw it up!
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