Lindsay Lohan

Mar 12 3:02 PM

Lindsay Lohan's Embarrassing Attempt at Photoshop!

If you have, as Lindsay Lohan, 28, more than three million followers on Instagram you of course only want to post the best photos possible...

Mar 9 11:27 AM

Lindsay Lohan's Attempt at "Breaking the Internet"!

No one has probably forgotten about Kim Kardashian's attempt at "breaking the Internet" with her nude photos for Paper Magazine...

Feb 4 5:07 PM

Lindsay Lohan and Her Mom Suing Fox News After Being Accused of Doing Coke!

Earlier this week Lindsay Lohan, 28, and her mother Dina Lohan, 52, filed a mutual lawsuit against Fox News and Sean Hannity and Michelle Fields who hosted the show...

Jan 29 5:07 PM

Lindsay Lohan Could Get Sentenced to Jail!

Lindsay Lohan, 28, has been doing community service lately after having been sentenced for reckless driving...

Jan 22 10:07 AM

Lindsay Lohan Caught Rare Virus!

Lindsay Lohan, 28, spent Christmas and New Years in Bora Bora and during her vacation she got bit by a mosquito that was carrying the Chikungunya virus, which causes fever and great pain...

Dec 15 2014 10:02 AM

Lindsay Lohan Talks About Her New Clean Life!

When hearing about Lindsay Lohan, 28, in the last couple of years it's mostly been in combination with some kind of scandal...

Nov 24 2014 3:12 PM

Lindsay Lohan - Going for a Comeback in Hollywood!

Lindsay Lohan, 28, is the actress who was predicted a brilliant career in movies but instead got into a drug addiction and ended up in rehab...

Nov 3 2014 11:08 PM

Fashion Trend: Silver Dresses!