Lindsay Lohan

2 July 1986, New York, USA
27 years

Wilmer Valderrama, Brody Jenner, Criss Angel, Aaron Carter, Vanessa Minnillo, Jared Leto, Ryan Adams, Brandon Davis, Jude Law, Samantha Ronson
Lindsay Lohan is child actor who grew up as a scandal-queen. Got her big break in 2004 with the main role in the movie Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan is a party gilr that visit LA's nightclubs alot.

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Don't Worry - Celebrities Also Take Unflattering Pictures!

Monday 7:10 PM, 11/02/2013
Even adorable Emma Watson can take bad pictures! We love Khloe Kardashian, but this picture isn't very flattering. Lindsay Lohan with a double chin. Cheryl Cole with her picture taken from a very bad angle. Kirsten Dunst at one of her worse days.
Have you also been tagged at a very unflattering pic on Facebook lately? Don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Celebrities are constantly followed by paparazzis, which of course leads to many not-so-cute pictures. So do you wanna see the celebs from a side you thought you'd never see them from? Click on the pics and see them all!
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Lindsay Lohan Is Homeless - Moves In With Her Mother!

Monday 11:52 AM, 04/02/2013
She can't afford her own apartment anymore.
Lindsay Lohan has been struggling hard lately trying to pay her debts, but now her landlord has had it, since she can't even afford to rent...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan Is Begging Lady Gaga For $50,000 Loan!

Thursday 8:51 AM, 31/01/2013
She's been in very much trouble lately. And Gaga won't loan her the money.
We all know Lindsay Lohan hasn't really had the best time lately, with being arrested and having a complete movie flop. And now she's so de...READ MORE ▶
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A Beautiful Mess Better Known As Lindsay Lohan!

Monday 7:27 PM, 07/01/2013
We spotted Lindsay Lohan leaving China Tang, following a night out in London! Lindsay seemed to be ok for once, and we hope she's heading towards the right direction once and for all. We doubt it, yes, but we hope she does.
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Celebs Who Started Out As Models!

Saturday 8:45 AM, 05/01/2013
Three years before making it into the movie business, Liv Tyler was a model. Cameron Diaz modeled for Calvin Klein and Levi´s back in the days! Angelina Jolie was modeling for JCPenny in her younger days... Suprised? Charlize Theron jumped into the  the modeling industry when she was 16. Have you also always thought that Amanda Seyfried  has the typical model look? It is not surprising, given that she also began her career as a model.
What does Lindsay Lohan, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie have in common? Well, the all started their careers in the modeling industry! Click on the pictures to learn how these 6 girls made it in Hollywood!
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Lindsay Lohan, Please Don't Enter 27 Club This Year!

Wednesday 7:46 PM, 02/01/2013
Just the other day we spotted former promising teenage star Lindsay Lohan out and about in London, and we really wonder what she was up to. Honestly, can someone just force her into entering rehab?! She's turning 27 this year, and you all know what happened to stars such as Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix at that certain age... Please LiLo, don't enter 27 Club!
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