Lindsay Lohan

2 July 1986, New York, USA
28 years

Wilmer Valderrama, Brody Jenner, Criss Angel, Aaron Carter, Vanessa Minnillo, Jared Leto, Ryan Adams, Brandon Davis, Jude Law, Samantha Ronson
Lindsay Lohan is child actor who grew up as a scandal-queen. Got her big break in 2004 with the main role in the movie Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan is a party gilr that visit LA's nightclubs alot.

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Are Lindsay and Samantha history?

Tuesday 3:45 PM, 06/01/2009
Lindsay still looks good though... Cowboy girl?
It it has hard to follow the passionated relationship of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Several sources have told Access and TMZ that Lohan has split up. The couple has gone through a series of public spats over their New Year vacation in Miami. Lohan even moved out to be on her own. However, Lindsay still claims she's with Samantha. What are we ought to think?!


Do you think the relationship will last?

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What's wrong?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are on the brink of breaking up!

Friday 7:11 PM, 02/01/2009
When everyone thought Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were going steady, rumors are now telling us that they are on the brink of breaking up. According to friends, Lindsay has been depressed lately and is not sure of having taken the right choice. The actress has also begun to flirt wildly with her ex, Calum Best but feels bad about it since Samantha in some way saved her life. Samantha Ronson apparently wants to control everything which pushes Lindsay away, who now wants to be with a man again. Close friends say that Lindsay took her really good friendship, or connection, with Samantha, for love. And hey, has anyone seen a picture with the two of them kissing? Suspicious...
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What a babe!

Lindsay Lohan hits the beach in Miami!

Thursday 5:40 PM, 01/01/2009
Lindsay Lohan hits the beach in Miami!
Looking good Lindsay!
Lindsay Lohan steps out onto the beach in Miami looking absolutely gorgeous in a black bikini and Ray-Ban sunglasses on New Years Eve 2008, after a turbulent year for the young Hollywood actress. But where is Samantha?
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What a babe!

Jessica does LA in style!

Tuesday 6:58 PM, 30/12/2008
Wonder how of those magazines she's in...
Cool t-shirt! She finally gave us a smile at last! Wait...isn't that the same purse as Lindsay Lohan's?
Jessica Alba was recently spotted while enjoying the day in the sun with her husband Cash Warren in Los Angeles. The couple dinned out at Urth Café in Beverly Hills, CA, before hitting up a local news stand. Jess and Cash should make a scrapbook from all the tabloid images they have been in this year with their little daughter who is oddly missing from this family equation.
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Crazy for shopping

Lindsay Lohan has her hands full on a shopping trip!

Tuesday 9:48 AM, 30/12/2008
Very trendy Lindsay! A diet coke? Nice purse! Wow!
Lindsay Lohan was spotted doing a little bit shopping in West Hollywood this Sunday afternoon. With such a nice Chanel Handbag over her shoulder, one would think that she would have to struggle with all those items in her hands. Lindsay's hair has also become extremely long, somebody has gone wild on extensions!
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Lindsay reveals her secret sister!

Friday 7:02 PM, 26/12/2008
Cool style Lindsay!
Texting your sister maybe?
Yes you got it right - Lindsay has a half-sibling. "My father just let my family and me know, amongst other things that he had another child after my little sister Aliana" Lindsay writes in a post titled "Random Thoughts" on her MySpace Celebrity Blog. She then continues: "Or maybe he had it before Aliana?? Either way, he cheated on my mother and that really sucks." In an e-mail to PEOPLE, Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan, strongly denies his daughter's claim, and sais in a separate conversation he reckons there is a "99 percent chance" Lohan's MySpace message was actually written by her girlfriend Samantha Ronson. We guess time will tell...


Do you believe Lindsay has a sister?

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