Lindsay Lohan

2 July 1986, New York, USA
28 years

Wilmer Valderrama, Brody Jenner, Criss Angel, Aaron Carter, Vanessa Minnillo, Jared Leto, Ryan Adams, Brandon Davis, Jude Law, Samantha Ronson
Lindsay Lohan is child actor who grew up as a scandal-queen. Got her big break in 2004 with the main role in the movie Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan is a party gilr that visit LA's nightclubs alot.

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Lilo, Lily and Sam Plan a Threesome Holiday and Album!

Friday 5:46 PM, 27/02/2009
Landing in Heathrow this morning Ha ha! Funny Lily
It looks like Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan are getting very close! The two girls got matching tattoos last week in LA and this week Lindsay and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson are off to Lily's place in London. The three are rumoured to be planning a summer holiday together and the scoop is they will record an album while they soak up the sun. Sounds like a drama waiting to happen! Check out these hilarious pics Lily posted on her Twitter page!
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Excuse me?

Warren Beatty Wants Lilo Under House Arrest!

Thursday 12:22 PM, 26/02/2009
Warren Beatty Wants Lilo Under House Arrest!
Take the help Lindsay!
Hollywood big-hitter Warren Beatty has something in mind for Lindsay Lohan. The actor known as Hollywood's smartest man is rumoured to have offered Lindsay a movie role, but there is a condition. She has to come live with him so he can keep a strict eye on her! Will Lindsay grab this opportunity to save her acting career, or will it be too hard for her to be disciplined by Warren?
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Sam's Bulldog: The Real Man in Lilo's Relationship?

Friday 2:39 PM, 20/02/2009
Sam's Bulldog:  The Real Man in Lilo's Relationship?
Maybe they do look a bit alike actually, especially around the eyes... The search for the perfect watch! Hot outfit!
What a perfect dog for Samantha Ronson! Even though the two don't really look alike, we think they probably have very similar personalities! Lindsay Lohan, her girlfriend Sam and their cute bulldog went shopping watches in LA yesterday, Lindsay has been obsessed with watches lately and is constantly in shops fingering all the most expensive ones.
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Lindsay and Lily Get Tattoos Together!

Thursday 5:08 PM, 19/02/2009
Who knew Lindsay and Lily were Friends?
Where is the Tattoo we wonder? Lily Allen Lindsay Lohan
It could only end up as a wild night out with these two partying together! Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen were spotted at Shamrock Tattoos in Sunset Blvd at 2am this morning getting tattoos! Hopefully they chose well and won?t regret any of this later on today!
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OMG! Lilo is a Chace Crawford Stalker!

Wednesday 11:35 AM, 18/02/2009
No wonder Samantha Ronson is such a jealous girlfriend, Look what happens when she is not around. Sam's girlfriend Lindsay Lohan was alone in New York this week-end and she spent her time running after "Gossip Girl"'s Chace Crawford. First she showed up uninvited to a private drinks party, making Chace so uncomfortable, he got up and left! If that wasn't enough, Lindsay showed up at Chace's apartment at 6 am! Of course Chace wouldn't let her in and embarressed Lindsay was left standing out in the cold. What was she thinking? TMZ caught the 6 am scene on video, watch it here:

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What's wrong?

Lindsay Lohan: " I Eat Just as much as Always"

Tuesday 5:36 PM, 17/02/2009
Lindsay Lohan: " I Eat Just as much as Always"
Lindsay says she is really happy at the moment Tiny little Lindsay
Lindsay Lohan is speaking out about all the weight she has been losing recently. The starlet says she is not trying to lose weight and swears she is eating normally. Lindsay blames hardwork and little sleep from travelling around so much and says that the stress is probably affecting her body. Strange that we haven't seen Lindsay working much. We hope she is okay! (USmagazine)


Do you think Lindsay is too skinny?

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