Lindsay Lohan

2 July 1986, New York, USA
28 years

Wilmer Valderrama, Brody Jenner, Criss Angel, Aaron Carter, Vanessa Minnillo, Jared Leto, Ryan Adams, Brandon Davis, Jude Law, Samantha Ronson
Lindsay Lohan is child actor who grew up as a scandal-queen. Got her big break in 2004 with the main role in the movie Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan is a party gilr that visit LA's nightclubs alot.

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Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan Inseparable!

Sunday 8:19 AM, 10/05/2009
A very thin Lindsay leaving Spago's with Ali!
You really need to put on some weight! Will Lindsay replace Ali with Samantha soon?!
Since Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson broke up Lindsay hasn't let her sister Ali Lohan leave her side. The girls have shopped, been to Hawaii and dined out together (Lindsay doesn't appear to have eaten a lot though) and here they are leaving Spago's in Beverly Hills. Rumor has it that Lindsay and Sam are getting back together however so Ali may be replaced sooner than she thinks!


Are Lindsay and Sam getting back together?!

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Caught in the act: Lindsay and Sam Together Again!

Friday 1:43 PM, 08/05/2009
Caught in the act: Lindsay and Sam Together Again!
That dog is adorable! Sam is not happy about the paps spotting them!
Lindsay Lohan was snapped leaving Samantha Ronsons house at 6.30am this morning after spending the night there. It looks like Lindsay is going to babysit Sam's bulldog, cadillac for a while. Lindsay headed home with the dog and Sam headed for the airport as they left the house. It all looks very cosy to us! They must be together again!
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Lindsay and Sam: Romantic Relapse?

Thursday 11:29 AM, 07/05/2009
 Lindsay and Sam: Romantic Relapse?
We wish the two girls would just move on with their lives!
Its only been a month since Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson had their very public breakup! The rumours that these two are getting back together just won't go away. We told you that Sam spent the night at Lindsays once already, but now we are hearing that Lilo stayed over at Sam's last night! We have seen these two break up and make up many times before, but this time is different. Sam's family has spoken out about their feelings for Lindsay openly now, so she will probably have to choose: Lindsay or her family! Tough one! (Source: People)
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Lilo all Haute and Bothered!

Tuesday 9:34 PM, 05/05/2009
The Lohan sisters!
Looking good girls! Fresh from a holiday, Lindsay looks so much healthier!
Even though Lindsay Lohan says she is struggling to be taken seriously as an actress after her scandalous behaviour over the last few years, at least she is still getting invited to parties! Lindsay and her sister Ali Lohan were the guests of honour at a launch party for the new original series on called Haute and Bothered. It looks like Ali is having a good influence on Lindsay, the were dressed nicely and looked calm and happy. A drama-free party for Lilo for once!
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Lindsay Lohan's Toothpick Arms!

Sunday 12:12 PM, 03/05/2009
Lindsay Lohan looks thinner and thinner in every photo that's snapped! We thought she looked fine in her bikini in Hawaii the other week but in these photos her arms look like toothpicks! LiLo's face looks emaciated too and so we have to wonder if she's really doing ok?! Is it only a matter of time before she collapses again!?


How thin is too thin?!

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Lilo Learns to Surf!

Thursday 8:11 PM, 30/04/2009
Lilo Learns to Surf!
Its so great to see Lindsay Lohan smiling and having fun! She is in Hawai with her sister Ali Lohan and some friends and the sun and sea seems to be doing her the world of good! Despite her skinny frame, Lindsay was doing great at her surfing lesson and she looked really happy to stand up and catch a small wave! Beach babe Lilo is back!
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