Would Your Wear Lily Allen's Jewelry?

Wednesday 10:42 PM, 14/10/2009
Would Your Wear Lily Allen's Jewelry?

Lily models her pieces
We love the coins!

We love the coins!
Singer Lily Allen can now officially call herself a jewelry designer too! She has just launched her own line, simply called "Lily Allen". Lily says she was very involved in the process of choosing which pieces would be used for her line and studied hundreds books about jewelry from vintage to modern bling. The line consists mostly of coin necklaces and bracelets, inspired by Lily's gypsy granny, colourful pieces of fruit and smiley faces taken from Lily's body art. What do you think, will Lily's jewelry be the next big thing?

Watch the jewelry photoshoot here:

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cool(non member) 1
15/10/2009 1:54 AM
i will wear it look so cool

lovely-jessica(non member) 2
20/10/2009 1:12 PM
yeah me too!!

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