Leni Samuel

4 June 2004, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
10 years

Helene Samuel, Helene Klum, Leni Klum
Helene 'Leni' Samuel is Heidi Klum and Seal's oldest child. Her biological father is Flavio Briatore, but her mother has stated that he's not involved in her life and that Seal is her father. She was legally adopted by Seal in December 2009, and had her name changed to Helene Samuel. She enjoys taking Taekwondo classes with her brothers in her sparetime.
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Top 10: Celebs Spotted Hugging For National Hug Day!

Tuesday 7:33 PM, 22/01/2013
Victoria Beckham gives husband David Beckham a hug full of love! Adorable! Arctic Monkey's star Alex Turner and girlfriend Arielle Vandenberg hug effortlessly on LAX! How cute aren't they?! Looks like they've missed each other! Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron hugging on the red carpet. Sharon Osbourne meets up with her daughter Aimee Osbourne outside her Manhattan hotel and gives her that kind of hug you can only give someone you love! Penelope Cruz is seen hugging collegue Johnny Depp after a speech that he did! Paris Hilton bumps into Patrick Schwarzenegger and gives him a hug! Aw! Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler spending a romantic day together at the Getty Center. Look how cute they look as they're hugging and having it cozy..! Heidi Klum was seen hugging and kissing her daughter Leni Samuel! Kim and Khloe Kardashian were seen giving each other those typical sister hugs!
We guess you guys know yesterday was the National Hug Day. Or well, maybe you didn't, but it really was. Therefore we've kept our eyes open for hugging celebrities, and we spotted plenty, such as Harry Styles! Click on the pics and check out ten celebrities that show their love in public!
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Masked Children! Is Heidi Klum Doing A Michael Jackson?!

Tuesday 1:13 AM, 23/10/2012
We can see you Johan Samuel!
Do you remember when Michael Jackson's kids used to walk around with masks so that no one would recognize them?! We get the feeling Heidi Klum might be doing the same to her kids as Johan Samuel is hiding his face behind a monster cap! Or well, it might just be because Halloween is just around the corner...
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Top 10: Celebrity Fashion Inspiration Week!

Monday 7:02 PM, 22/10/2012
2. Actress Noomi Rapace is sharp in a tweed suit. Check out her grey Prada bag - to die for! 3. Cheryl Cole is keeping it sweet and simple with black leather pants and a cornflower blue jacket! Pretty! 4. What's up Gwen Stefani?! We adore your loose fitted brown pants! So stylish! 5. "When we have each other we have everything" - Awww SO true Heidi Klum! A great message to start of the week with. 6. Kesha has a little of every pattern going on. We dig it - cool mix! 7. Rachel Zoe's long black dress and brown jacket are fab for a day in town. Let's go shopping! 8. Fearne Cotton has a unique style with her very own way of pulling of most items. This over sized light pink trench looks gorgeous on her! 9. Hey hottie! Sarah Michelle Gellar's heels are so glamorous, even on an everyday walk with the kiddos! 10. OMG! How fun is Tulisa Contostavlos cardigan with a perfume bottle on?! We would love to wear this!
Happy Monday everyone! Time to think about what fabulous things to wear all week long! Let's take a look at what the stars have pulled out of their closets! Stephanie Pratt has the cutest pink satin tunic on and Cheryl Cole is hot stuff in black leather pants. Click on the pictures for this week's top 10 celebrity fashion inspiration!
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Power To The Flower! Celebs With Hippie Hair Pieces!

Thursday 11:13 PM, 21/06/2012
Katy Perry wearing a flowery dress and a matching garland in her hair. Kristen Dunst's flowers are sweet but descret. Vanessa Hudgens is all in on the hippie flower trend. Pixie Lott decided to keep it simple! Like mother, like daughter! Heidi Klum and Leni Samuel chose yellow buttercups
The music festival season is here so how about some hippie flowers in your hair? Stars like Vanessa Hugens and Katy Perry are wearing a summery garland while Pixie Lott kept it simple with just a few flowers. Click on the pictures for the best summer inspo!
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