Leighton Meester was born in jail!

Wednesday 1:07 PM, 03/09/2008
Leighton Meester was born in jail!

So Pretty!

Ugly tie!

Ugly tie!
Leighton Meester wasn't as her character Blair in Gossip girl. According to Star-magazine her mother was in jail during the pregnancy and after Leighton was born they lived in an apartment in jail for three months. Then Leighton moved to her relatives. Also Leighton's dad, grandfather and aunt have been in jail. We are happy that things are going so well for her now!
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Jessie(non member) 1
03/09/2008 1:31 PM
Nice face but uglt outfit!

OmG...(non member) 2
11/12/2008 6:35 AM
she is pretty but what the hell is with the outfit
and that tie!!!! i thought she had some style!!

M(non member) 3
29/12/2008 5:07 PM
Who's the guy? :O

Hmm(non member) 4
10/01/2009 1:41 PM
Love Leighton, but the tie has got to go!! The
outfit is okay.... (not that I would wear it) but
she can get away with anything! (Just not that
awful tie/scarf)

11/01/2009 3:29 AM
She's really pretty. I LOVE TWILIGHT. It is the
hottest book/movie. I love the male actors. They
are hottttttt!!!!!!!

kay(non member) 6
11/01/2009 6:21 PM
this is not her outfit , this was for gossip girl,
when she had to go to yale!

tiena1012 (Posh24 member) 7
22/08/2012 4:38 PM

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