Gossip Girl Special: Which Blair-Look Is Best?

We have been waiting forever for the latest season of Gossip Girl to come back onto our screens and now its finally happened! Are you as excited as we are? We love sitting infront of the box watching the rich Upper East Side kids and their fabulous fashions every week! We love it so much that for the next few weeks we are going to bring you some fashion specials from the show! Today is all about Leighton Meester's character Blair and her outfits!

When the show started Blair was all preppy and pretty with lots of colours and of course that fantastic collection of hairbands! Now that she is out of High School and a little more grown-up, her style on the show has changed too. Gossip Girl's stylist Eric Darman says that all the characters changes are reflected in their outfits and Blair is definitely becoming more sophisticated this season! Have a look at how Blair's style has evolved over the show's seasons!
Classic school-girl Blair
A more edgy Blair at the season's end last December
Leighton Meester and co-star Blake Lively in Gossip Girl schoolgirl outfit. Blair with her favourite hairband of course!
A more grown-up version of the hairband look in March last year
The Upper East Side power couple. Love that dress!
Blair with her love of vintage fashion and a burst of strong colour. Everyone fell in love with Blair's sweet coat collection too!
Grown-up Blair's Summer look - what did you think?
Glamming it up in Season 1
Bright and fabulous!
Trend-setting for Spring fashion!
The vintage-inspired lady like look that everyone copied last winter!
Pattern blending!
Rocking the hariband and the sweet cardigan
Fresh and lovely in season 1
Confused College student Blair
In a Victoria Beckham Collection dress. Gorgeous!
We love the Cobalt blue!
Loving the stripey look!
Chuck and Blair matching their styles
We also love those perfect curls and all her glorious Handbag!
Source: WENN.com
Blair trying to be Queen B of the College world too!
Published Mar 16 2010 3:50 PM
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