Leighton Meester

9 April 1986, Florida, USA
28 years

Leighton Meester is best known for her work as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, which has made great success among the world's young women. She was born in a hospital adjacent to the prison where her mother served a ten-year sentences for serious drug offenses. Only when Leighton Meester was ten years old, she could be reunited with her mother. They moved when, along with her brothers, to New York where Leighton Meester began to model. She is currently working on her debut album said coming out in autumn 2009.

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Dan & Blair On The Set Of Gossip Girl

Monday 1:53 PM, 09/01/2012
Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester on the set of "Gossip Girl" in New York.
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Not Without My Louis!

Wednesday 7:06 PM, 04/01/2012
Leighton Meester Glee's, Lea Michele, carries her Louis while shopping. Christina Ricci Michelle Williams Jessica Simpson stays warm and stylish! We love the red straps on Rachel Bilson's bag! Jennifer Love Hewitt Even men carry nice bags, like Nick Cannon! Katie Holmes classic and trendy!
One of the most classic designer handbags is made by Louis Vuitton and we've seen our favorite celebs carrying their Louis everywhere! Celebs like Leighton Meester and Ashley Tisdale known that the classics never goes out style!
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Celebs' Favorite Xmas Gifts!

Tuesday 8:52 PM, 27/12/2011
Ian Somerhalder's best gift was an unusual one. "I wake up and my sister is standing over me and she's holding my nephew and she goes 'Merry Christmas' and then she just drops him on me." Hottie Adrian Grenier says the best gift ever was a sleeping mask with hipster sunglasses print. "So I can always be cool, even when I'm sleeping." Haha! The musician Josh Groban's favorite gift ever was a wine red drumset.
"My favorite Christmas gift was a pair of roller skates at the age of 10. I always wanted to learn how to skate when I was a kid. When I went to the skating rink, I never owned my own skates before. I love to skate, not a lot of people know that," the singer Usher said. Leighton Meester's all time favorite Christmas gift was actually a robe. LL Cool J says that one year he didn't get a single Christmas gift, but the next year his grand father spent all his money on giving LL Cool J the Christmas day he deserved. 
Carrie Ann Inaba once got a huge box filled with candles, and she loved it! Who wouldn't? Kim Kardashian has received a lot of gifts, but her favorite was a cupon from her father. The cupon was of a one hour conversation with her father, although she admits she never used it. Pretty rude, Kim!
The basketball legend Michael Jordan's favorite was one of great significance. "My middle child, Marcus, was born Dec. 24, 1990. That was my best Christmas gift ever." Aw!
Even though we're supposed to care about more mature stuff, one of the most exciting things about Christmas are the gifts! Of course we love to get gifts ourselves, but it's also so much fun to give your loved ones gifts that they really love. This makes us wonder, what did the celebrities get for Christmas, that they really loved? Click on the pictures to find out!
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Posh24's Christmas Wish List!

Tuesday 9:09 PM, 20/12/2011
May we please have your legs, Diane Kruger? We love Katie Holmes, and especially her signature smirk. We'd love to get that smile for Christmas! We'd love just to be even a tenth as successful as Jennifer Aniston. Leighton Meester isn't only an excellent actress, she also has a beautiful voice. Share, Leighton! Emma Stone's charming laugh would be an amazing gift! A sense of street style á la Zoe Saldana is high upon our wishlist. Who would turn down Miranda Kerr's lips? We want to look as fabulous as Nicole Richie does when we're heading for the gym! Olivia Palermo has the perfect locks! Cut that hair off and give it to us!
Can you believe it's only five days left until Christmas? We can't either! We put together our wish list and since we've been really nice this year we hope that Santa will surprise us! Click to pics to find out what we're wishing for this Christmas!
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Leighton Meester: The Best From Two Worlds!

Saturday 12:15 PM, 17/12/2011
Looking amazingly cool with a hot dress and statement necklace at a Chanel fashion show! What a romantic look! So cute! In soft pastels, one of spring's biggest trends! Here she combines her two style. A romantic blouse in chiffon with a pair of leather pants that gives the outfit some attitude! In a LWD (little white dress) Metallic colors are huge this season!
Leighton Meester is a true Hollywood fashionista. She always impresses us with her amazing fashion! We've noticed that Leighton has two completely different styles. One feminine with soft colors, flowy fabrics and lace and when she wants to look more edgy she wears leather, metallic, and angular shapes. Are you just as in love with Leighton's clothes as we are? Click on the pics and check out our favorite outfits!
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Real or Fake: Friendship Edition

Friday 9:09 PM, 16/12/2011
Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz were both in Pirates of the Caribbean. This looks real! Usher and Janet Jackson Serena Williams gets a hug AND a kiss from Pierce Brosnan, real real real! Sisters Peaches and Pixie Geldof. Has to be real. Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, friends or frenemies? We've never seen them together outside of the Gossip Girl set.. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry says bye with a hug after having dinner together! Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker Gwyneth Paltrow's smile looks a little stiff while hugging Penelope Cruz Paris Hilton hugging Brooke Mueller, you know Charlie Sheens ex... that's just weird!
We love our favorite celebrity friendships like Leighton Meester and Blake Lively! But we wonder: are they really friends when the cameras aren't rolling? We've spotted some famous celeb friends giving big hugs, and we also saw some celebs who we didn't know even knew each other like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. So the big question is: are they really friends or are they just faking for the cameras? Click on the pics and decide for yourself!
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