Eddie Cibrian Already Cheating On LeAnn Rimes!

Thursday 11:47 AM, 05/11/2009
We see heartbreak in their future!

We see heartbreak in their future!
Country singer LeAnn Rimes is about to learn a tough lesson about love! She and actor Eddie Cibrian started seeing each other while they were both still married to other people and now only a few months later, news has hit that Eddie has been seeing another girl behind LeAnn's back too! Her name is Scheana Marie Jancan and she has been linked to Eddie before while he was married! It looks like Eddie is a bit of a serial dater! Once a cheat always a cheat LeAnn! (Source: Life&Style)
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Joyce(non member) 1
09/11/2009 10:05 PM
Eddie denied having an affair with LeAnn in the
very beginning of their affair, so what makes him
think that we would believe him now. He and LeAnn
both are shameful with the hurtful way they rubbed
their affair in his wife's face. Neither cared
how it

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