The Gleekiest Evening Ever!

Sunday 9:04 PM, 07/08/2011
The Gleekiest Evening Ever!

Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross
Max Adler

Max Adler
Mark Salling

Iqbal Theba

Iqbal Theba
Dot Marie Jones

Dot Marie Jones
Romy Rosemont

Romy Rosemont
Heather Morris

Jenna Ushkowitz

Jayma Mays

Lea Michele

Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega
Amber Riley

Cory Monteith

Darren Criss

Sarah Hyland

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy
Kathy Griffin

Kevin McHale

Harry Shum Jr.

Chord Overstreet

Chris Colfer

Naya Rivera

Hailee Steinfeld

Heather Morris

Rebecca Black

Yesterday the cast of the musical hit show Glee hosted the big world premiere of "Glee The 3D Concert Movie" at Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles. All the stars from the show was there to celebrate, including creator Ryan Murphy and a few other hip, young stars! Sadly, the fashion was a bit off, but as attendee Rebecca Black would have put it; the event was still fun, fun, fun!
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tsts(non member) 1
07/08/2011 11:44 PM
Do you know that justin and selena are not
togheter anymore? im the first one who said that
and it is true.

John(non member) 2
08/08/2011 3:40 AM
Jayma Mays looks simple but amazing

Oh(non member) 3
08/08/2011 6:22 AM
Few of these "celebrities" have any fashion sense,
even simply matching the shoes. Heather, Lea and
Hailiee are by far the best. Naya may have looked
better without the tights and a more flattering
dress but Sarah looks dreadful. Silver shoes,
orange hair

Oh(non member) 4
08/08/2011 6:25 AM
tie, white, pink and black dress. Not even the
ring matches. Rebecca looks better than expected,
despite he tacky prom dress vibe. But may I just
say, Heather has killer shoes. And Harry looks
smashing (;

Mikayllllaa(non member) 5
08/08/2011 6:40 AM
Jayma Mays is so pretty!

kiki(non member) 6
08/08/2011 8:21 AM
lea looks gorgeous(amazing outfit) and Naya, jayma
and heather too

roxx(non member) 7
08/08/2011 8:49 AM
everyboody look amazing ,but dianna and heather
look the best;)

wowza(non member) 8
08/08/2011 11:47 AM
Naya is the best, but seriously Rebecca, prom
queen tacky much?

wow(non member) 9
15/08/2011 2:27 PM
why hasent anybody commented on KURT or BLAINE!!!!
they are both the best and together they are

mrscorymonteith (Posh24 member) 10
23/08/2011 9:50 PM
Cory Looks so Handsome I wanna Marry Him

PolitycznyCyrk (Posh24 member) 11
26/11/2011 1:12 PM

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