Lauren Conrad

1 February 1986, Newport Beach, USA
28 years

Brody Jenner, Jason Wahler, Stephen Coletti, Josh Henderson, Cisco Adler, Jason Wahler, Lee Norris
Lauren Conrad, LC, made herself known in the reality show The Hills who have made great success around the world. In the series we follow her everyday life of friendship relationships, boyfriends and careers. Lauren Conrad began her fashion career as an intern at Teen Vouga, but went from there on to the PR agency People's Revolution. She was dating guys like Brody Jenner and Kyle Howard. She got the opportunity to show their collection, Lauren Conrad Collection, during fashion week in Los Angeles, which is also her full-time job now that she has put acting on the shelf.

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Top 10 Beauty Tips: Clear Skin!

Thursday 7:12 PM, 12/07/2012
2. Cate Blanchett has radiant, glowing skin and a surprisingly small amount of sun damage for someone so fair. She’s done a great job of protecting herself from the sun through sunblock, hats and umbrellas.

3. When Fergie’s skin breaks out she uses toothpaste on the spots.

4. Liv Tyler's smooth, clear and acne scar-free face is due to a combination of good genes and great sun protection. 5. Before any makeup, Kristen Bell's skincare secret weapon is to give herself an at-home facial. My skin feels rejuvenated and has a healthy, clean glow." Kristen says. 6. "I rarely wear makeup but when I do the products need to be mild, odorless and  gentle on my skin." says Leighton Meester. 7. Lindsay Lohan’s skin is sensitive and she will easily get freckles in the sun. Her best tip for beautiful skin is to avoid “stress, smoking, lack of sleep and dehydration," she says. 8. Living in sunny California may be a dream come true but the sun does affect the skin. Selena Gomez always put on a thin layer on sunscreen in the morning before she does her make-up. 9. Lauren Conrad admits "I had bad skin in high school, but Proactiv's three-step system really works. I've been using it off and on for the past few years, but when I get lazy and stop, I totally break out." 10. Cameron Diaz has been struggling with her uneaven skin ever since she was a teenager. To keep her acne away she uses oxygen facials and acid peels.
You know when you wake up with a big spot and it is so visible you just want to go hide under your covers? We all have our bad skin days! Luckily there are ways to fight them. Fergie puts toothpaste on her evil blemishes and Lauren Conrad does a three step skincare regim every day. Want to know how your favorite Hollywood star keep her skin spotless? Click on the pictures to find out!
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Get The Celeb Look! Lauren Conrad!

Tuesday 3:11 PM, 26/06/2012
The former MTV-starlet Lauren Conrad sure knows how to dress for a night out! In a sparkling cobalt blue dress, a few accessories and a light make-up, she stole the spotlight on the red carpet and luckily for you we've collected items that will give you the exact same look!

Blue dress: Topshop
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Asos
Makeup: Asos
Red nail polish "182 Summer Red": Isadora
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Hair Inspiration: The Most Amazing Coiffures!

Monday 7:03 PM, 11/06/2012
Jessica Alba A coiffure for those with a fringe like Rihanna. A romantic and sloppy hairstyle by Kirsten Dunst. Try this look for bad hair days like Malin Akerman. Very graceful, Lauren Conrad. Learn how to make braids on youtube so you can get Whitney Port's hairstyle! Beyonce. Curl the tips, like Katy Perry. We love this coiffure on Amy Childs.
Celebs are always on the red carpet, which means that they have to show up in different types of dresses and hairstyles all the time. One classic hairstyle is the coiffure and we've listed different ways to have the perfect coiffure so that it suits you no matter your hair style. Click on the pics to see 10 gorgeous coiffures.
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Jennifer "JWoww" Farley's Dip-Dyed Hair

Friday 10:01 AM, 01/06/2012
Jennifer 'JWoww' Farley falled for pressure and has now dip-dyed her hair pink. Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt are a few among other celebrities that have followed the Hollywood hair-trend. We're not a fan of this trend on JWoww, maybe if she had a lighter pink color it would have worked. Click on the pictures to see more of JWoww's new hairstyle.
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Trend Report: Pink & Purple Are HOT Right Now!

Tuesday 7:09 PM, 15/05/2012
Can you spot Fearne Cotton's colorful socks?! Nothing surprises us when it comes to Lady Gaga. You go girl! Wow! We love Jessie J's American Apparel pants! Holly Madison has pimped her Louis Vuitton. Pink style! Melanie Brown looks cute in a casual in a purple hoodie. Katy Perry has tried on many different hair colors this year. Kelly Osbourse goes all in on the purple hair. We like Ashley Tisdale's pinkish highlights! Brave color of choice, Lauren Conrad!
Bright colors are hot hot hot! Celebs love to through some crazy shades into their outfits... and hair-dos too! We're not surprised that Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne are experimenting with fun hair colors, but what about Joel Madden?! We must admit we're crazy about this trend. Click on the pics to check it out!
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