Lauren Conrad

1 February 1986, Newport Beach, USA
28 years

Brody Jenner, Jason Wahler, Stephen Coletti, Josh Henderson, Cisco Adler, Jason Wahler, Lee Norris
Lauren Conrad, LC, made herself known in the reality show The Hills who have made great success around the world. In the series we follow her everyday life of friendship relationships, boyfriends and careers. Lauren Conrad began her fashion career as an intern at Teen Vouga, but went from there on to the PR agency People's Revolution. She was dating guys like Brody Jenner and Kyle Howard. She got the opportunity to show their collection, Lauren Conrad Collection, during fashion week in Los Angeles, which is also her full-time job now that she has put acting on the shelf.

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Whitney Port should learn from Lauren Conrad!

Monday 8:11 PM, 01/09/2008
Cool Lauren
Love the ring Look at the shoes! Tired Whitney?
Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port had lunch at Lemonade in Los Angeles while filming an episode of The Hills. Lauren wore a cowboy-outfit with a white Balenciaga bag and a pair of hot Steve Madden shoes. We don't like Whitney's style, the shoes looks strange and we not even going to mention the top, a little bit of tan wouldn't be wrong either?
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Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth can't stop partying!

Thursday 10:03 PM, 28/08/2008
Girls night out! Matching outfits Everbody loves Lauren!
The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth are heading home after a long night out. They've been on the cool Crown Bar in West Hollywood. It seems like there's no stop for these party girls, don't they ever get tired? Let's hope they are in control over their drinking and don't end up like Lindsay Lohan.
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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt wants to take over from Lauren Conrad!

Tuesday 10:05 AM, 19/08/2008
Strike a pose?
The Hills is soon to be back in a dramatic fourth season but the rumors says that this is going to be the last season, at least for Lauren Conrad .Heidi Montag says that she thinks Lauren is tired of the show, and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt says that they would happily take over Laurens speaker duties, he loves the show and wants to go for at least 10 seasons. So as usual it's almost even more drama outside then in front of the camera!
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Lauren Conrad gets into a scuffle with the Paparazzi!

Sunday 12:02 PM, 17/08/2008
Lauren Conrad gets into a scuffle with the Paparazzi!
No thank you! Here it comes!
A not very lady like Lauren Conrad got into a scuffle with the Paparazzi last night, outside Teddys nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood. She pushed one photographer so hard he almost ate the ground when he tried to take pictures of her boyfriend! Calm down Lauren and enjoy the happy love life you have instead! She was stylish as always, wearing blue jeans and a hat but she obviously was in a foul mood that night!
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Lauren Conrad's neighbors complain

Wednesday 8:26 PM, 13/08/2008
Audrina Patridge Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth Sad?
Lauren Conrad, Lauren Bosworth and Audrina Patridge are bothered by the paparazzi and tourist busses outside their 2,3 million dollar home in Hollywood Hills. Lauren Conrad says that 15-20 tourist busses stops outside their home everyday. The neighbors complain, Lauren says se sympathized with them, but she can't do anything and they should complain on the city instead of her.
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What a babe!

Heidi Montag copy the enemy Lauren Conrad

Friday 10:11 AM, 08/08/2008
Heidi Montag copy the enemy Lauren Conrad
Heidi Montag was at lunch at the popular eatery Toast in Los Angeles and had a yellow maxi dress on and a purple Balenciaga bag just like the one that Lauren Conrad has. Right now they are filming a new season of the Hills and Lauren Conrad is currently up to date in the new TV-series Greek. We wasn't chocked when Heidi after a while was picked up by her boyfriend Spencer Pratt.
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