Lauren Conrad

1 February 1986, Newport Beach, USA
29 years

Brody Jenner, Jason Wahler, Stephen Coletti, Josh Henderson, Cisco Adler, Jason Wahler, Lee Norris
Lauren Conrad, LC, made herself known in the reality show The Hills who have made great success around the world. In the series we follow her everyday life of friendship relationships, boyfriends and careers. Lauren Conrad began her fashion career as an intern at Teen Vouga, but went from there on to the PR agency People's Revolution. She was dating guys like Brody Jenner and Kyle Howard. She got the opportunity to show their collection, Lauren Conrad Collection, during fashion week in Los Angeles, which is also her full-time job now that she has put acting on the shelf.

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Lauren Conrad - Same Old, Same Old?

Sunday 10:28 PM, 02/10/2011
We haven't seen candids of Lauren Conrad for what feels like ages, but on Friday we spotted her arriving at a spa in West Hollywood. Truth be told though, we weren't that excited. It's the same old girl, with the same old style only without a popular reality show.

What about you guys? Are you still passionate LC fans or have you too lost interest in her?
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Friend or Foe?! Top 6 Hollywood Frenemies!

Wednesday 7:16 PM, 17/08/2011
2. We think that Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad's friendship is lost forever! Too bad! 3. Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston became best friends when they stared in TV show "Friends". But when Courteney was hanging out with her "Cougar Town" colleagues while she was married (but separated) to David Arquette, Jen got angry (flashbacks from her break up with Brad)! And their friendship got lost in the fight! 4. Don’t be fooled! Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall may seem like best friends on camera, but in real life they can’t stand each other! Rumor says that the beef started because Sarah was making more money that Kim and therefore she felt undervalued! 5. Never hook up with your best friends ex, or even worst, don't steal you best friend's husband! That's what Denise Richards did, and we understand why Heather Locklear now hates her former BFF! 6. Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera might be the biggest enemies in Hollywood! And their feud has been loud and ugly!
Some friendships are forever but others have an expiration date that just can't be ignored! If you followed the reality show, The Hills, then you know that former BFF's, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, no longer get along. During the show they slowly drifted apart from each other and there was a time when they really hated one each other! Abd who can forget about the biggest catfight in Hollywood between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? They were once inseparable! It now seems like the girls have patched things up again, but will they be friends for life? Check out our Top 6 Hollywood Frenemies!
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Hollywood Is Showing It's Roots!

Monday 6:16 PM, 01/08/2011
Lauren Conrad, this two-tone hair is not working! Rachel Bilson is usually so spot on but what was she thinking? We love Taylor Swift's make up but not the roots! Since when did visible roots become trendy, even Whitney Port is a victim! Cameron Diaz has had visible roots for as long as we can remember!
So lately we been seeing a lot of our favorite girls in Hollywood showing of some seriously visible roots. And we mean VISIBLE! Like, half natural, half dyed sort of thing. And honestly, we hate it. How is this a trend? Or is it just laziness? It makes your hair look trashy and worn out. Just look at Cameron Diaz at the Golden Globes, her hair is just ugggghh!

We love trying out new things and experimenting with different hair colors but our advice to you guys: never let your roots show!
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Star Style Tip: Metallizing!

Thursday 5:08 PM, 28/07/2011
Go glam like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in this beautiful, silver, sequined dress! We love Heidi Klum's blue metallic shade! Hot hot hot! Whitney Port in metallic sapphire. If you want to subtly shine, choose a black sparkling dress like Olivia Wilde. Soft gold is also perfect if you're a bit trend-shy. Try a shade of pale gold like Diane Kruger! The best way to adopt this fall trend is to go for the sequins, like Heather Graham. Busy Phillips look gorgeous in this gold dress! Gold and white go great together! Jada Pinkett Smith is glowing in her bronze dress! Bronze sequins and black lace is great combo. Lauren Conrad looks stunning! The most fashionable sisters ever! Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen know how to pull of the metallic trend! We love MK's gold blazer!
It seems like every celeb we see is dressed in metallics! We've spotted Charlize Theron in silver, Busy Phillips in gold, Lauren Conrad in bronze, and Whitney Port in shiny sapphire. This color palette is here to stay and it’s going to be one of the biggest trends this fall! Check out more fashionable celebs for inspiration on how to pull of this glowing trend!
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Simply Stylish: Jeans Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Wednesday 9:01 PM, 27/07/2011
In our style series "Simply Stylish" we present the important basics everyone needs to create the ultimate wardrobe!

Though some may say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, if you ask us, the perfect pair of jeans are your true BFF. Because when you find a pair of great jeans, chances are you'll stock up on them and wear them everywhere! You can wear jeans just about anywhere and for almost any occasion!

Lauren Conrad likes her denim slim and classic and so do we! Pair dark denim with a bright sweater and some tan boots! For a more elegant look, slide into a silk top and add a bold necklace, you'll look super chic!

Jeans: Acne
Blue Sweater:Topshop
Nude Boots:Asos
Feather NecklaceForever21
Vintage WatchAsos
Leather Bag:Asos
Pink Nail Polish: Asos
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Celebrity Health Tip: Friendly Work Out!

Wednesday 6:02 PM, 27/07/2011
Why not take your boyfriend out for a jog? If you feel tired you can just stop, take a deep breath and give each other a kiss! Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, hold hands while they work out! Cute! Fergie and boyfriend Josh Duhamel are seen working out for charity, but we've seen them working out privately too!  Get some quality time with your sister, while improving your shape! Heidi Klum always has so much fun when she works out! Maybe it's because she always brings a friend with her, like Coco Rocha!
 Wonder what Kourtney and Kim Kardashian gossip about when they go for a power walk?
Having trouble getting your cute butt out of that comfy couch for a work out? Yup, we’ve been there! But celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian know that the best and most EFFECTIVE way to work out is to do it with someone you know! So take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or sister out for a jog or a power walk! You can gossip about you latest flirt while trimming your legs at the same time, how perfect is that!?
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