Lapo Elkann

2 November 1977, Italy
37 years

Benedetta Massola, Martina Stella, Mary-Kate Olsen
Lapo Elkann is the notorious heir to the Italian car brand Fiat. He is an Italian playboy who spends most of his time in New York (when he isn't vacationing in Saint Tropez and Portofino). Has dated Mary-Kate Olsen. Almost died of a drug overdose a few years ago.
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Flashy couple!

Hot couple Lapo Elkann and Bianca in Saint-Tropez!

Tuesday 6:36 PM, 14/07/2009
Hot couple Lapo Elkann and Bianca in Saint-Tropez!
Independent creator from Italy was spotted with his hot girlfriend Bianca Brandolini d'Adda in celebrity hot spot Saint-Tropez, France, this week. The couple looked very cool as they were enjoying the French sun by cruising around on a boat and stopped at fancy restaurants. The italian fashionista Bianca is knwon for her original and mixed style and she went for a more rocky style in St-Tropez, matching with her badboy boyfriend.
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On vacation

Lapo Elkann parties in Saint Tropez!

Monday 11:31 PM, 30/06/2008
When it's summer and warm on the French Riviera celebrities and jetsetters flock there and especially to Saint Tropez. The notorious Fiat heir Lapo Elkann was spotted walking around in the city this weekend with his friends, all gorgeous of course, wearing a pair of black swim trunks and a straw hat. The Italian playboy is famous for his impeccable style, among other things, and even though he wasn't wearing much the straw hat made it obvious that he knows what's trendy!
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